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The voices return, and she questions how bad it could be.

What is there to life but change? it asks.

Nothing, she thinks.

And by everything in Celestia, she needs change. She needs more. She needs less. She needs-

She needs her life.


part of my, as of yet, unpublished au, warped mirror. writing style is based off of stream-of-consciousness writing, so it may not always be coherent.

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There's a difference — the slightest one, in the slightest areas, paid the slightest attention. There's a weight to it. The magic is heavier in the air and there's a breath behind it, a life that's supernatural in a way that you've forgotten and missed.

In a way that makes you forget what you've left behind.


pre-equestria girls in the room is on fire-verse. sunset 2nd person pov.

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This story is a sequel to theseus

Words curl in her throat, like a snake readying itself to strike, and she just barely swallows them down as Rainbow chuckles, pulling the conversation onto another topic. Sunset finds herself left behind — in the cooling remains of the previous — with Applejack's words ringing in her head.

Of course I forgive you, Applebloom. You're family.


The aftermath of Anon-a-Miss isn't as easy on anyone as it seems.

Featured: 5/1/21 (Thanks)

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Sunset had never been happier. Her friends finally (finally) trusted her. And yet, she couldn't help but wonder.
How hard would it really be to lose their trust again?
With Anon-a-Miss's shadow still looming over her friendships and the ever-competitive Friendship Games marching closer by the minute, will Sunset ever feel at home among humans?

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