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Sunset had never been happier. Her friends finally (finally) trusted her. And yet, she couldn't help but wonder.
How hard would it really be to lose their trust again?
With Anon-a-Miss's shadow still looming over her friendships and the ever-competitive Friendship Games marching closer by the minute, will Sunset ever feel at home among humans?

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Has a lot of potential, can't wait to see more. Have a 👍 and a 🌮

So has the Anon-A-Miss situation resolved in this story or is it still ongoing?

The Anon-a-Miss situation is over. However, this story is exploring the aftermath of it in the context of the Friendship Games.

Man love this idea, hope she doesn't leave, where that leave poor Sci Twi, she never get a chance to meet her future wife.........Heh yeah i ship them...Ship them https://www.deviantart.com/namygaga/art/Sci-SunLight-SHIP-680886133

We'll see where the story goes... and I can definitely understand the appeal behind Sciset, but I'm more of an OG Sunlight or an AppleShimmer person. That's a cute picture, though!

Hmm i ship that pair as well, read some lovely ones before, but who OG?

When I say OG Sunlight, I'm usually referring to Princess Twilight and Sunset... cuz, they were there first and I count them as the originals

Yeah, there's another story with the same name, but a different storyline, as far as I'm aware. I found it about a month into planning this fic, but I didn't really have a backup name for this, so I kept it as "Should I Stay (or Should I Go)". I am willing to look at alternate suggestions for the title, though.

Okay, so SPOILER ALERT FOR THE NEXT FEW SENTENCES! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THE SPOILERS, PLEASE DON'T SCROLL OVER THE BLOCKED TEXT: Princess Twilight doesn't meet Sci-Twi when Sunset does... though, that is an interesting story idea... I'll have to write that sometime...

Thank you for reading, and honestly? Any idea would be better than the none I have right now... heh... :twilightsheepish:

We will be seeing more of the Princess in this than we do in the actual movie, so not really reasserting canon... Not to mention, a lot of Sunset's primary conflict is different in this than it is in Friendship Games. I'll admit, my intent in this is not to fully diverge from canon. It's more to... introduce situations that could have occurred but didn't into the Games.

You got the story's title from the song of the same name, right?

Considering Princess Twilight was busy trying to keep the timeline intact while the Friendship Games were occurring - which is why she never responded to any of Sunset's journal messages - how could she have a larger role?
Unless you made it so Starlight's timey-wimey plan happened a few days after it did in canon, or something.

...How would Crystal Prep react to CHS having their own 'Twilight Sparkle'? It's not like it's some well-kept secret, either; pictures of the most recent Fall Formal winner and/or the Battle of the Bands would have to be hanging up somewhere.

i look at what Cinch does in this scene, and i know it is FREAKING diabolical...
If you look at it from another angle :pinkiesick:
If Cinch was an ACTUAL Principle with, you know, Standards and morals.
I would think Cinch's plan here WOULD be to have Twilight develop some friends and Stay in the school to foster even more friends and connections.
So having Twilight participate in the games could net her some friends, and convince her to stay at Crystal Prep to develop her interpersonal skills.
We know Cinch is just a ...real Jerk :twilightangry2:
Uh :rainbowderp: great chapter mate :pinkiehappy:

You know... you make a really good point. Sadly, that isn't true and Cinch is just a manipulative biiiiii- *ahem* sorry, blowhard...

I'm just surprised she was never arrested for blackmail.

Exactly! But apparently, the closest thing this world has to an actual government is some School BoardTM.

This... this was a down to earth reaction to this kind of stuff. The mood between Sunset and AJ, how the conversation went, both felt like something you'd see between people going through those kinds of hardships. The chapter might not have had any huge "revelations", "Story advancements", or "Plot twists", but it still was well written regardless.

Good job, my friend.

"But ya ended up lying to us anyway," Applejack said, scratching the side of her head.

So did you Aj, when you told Sunset was family before you abandoned her.

Thank you so much! This was easily the hardest chapter for me to write, so your comment just made my day! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I do plan on addressing that. It was super shitty of AJ to do, especially considering that her response to Applebloom asking for forgiveness was, "'Course I forgive you, Applebloom. You're family."

Hope that thrown into Apple Jack's face as well! Also hope the CMC were punished harshly as well as the students who sent at secrets.

Personally, I feel that throwing it back in AJ's face is a little too in line with a lot of the more vengeful Anon-a-Miss fics I've read. While I do occasionally enjoy them, I don't think they're always entirely fair to the Mane 5, who are, at the end of the day, high schoolers. In fact, Forgotten Friendship implies that they are, at most, juniors AKA 17. The Crusaders are even younger than that. I've seen a couple of theories that CHS is one of those high schools with a middle school attached, and I have to say, I agree. They really couldn't be more than thirteen without more interaction between them and their sisters. Taking all of that and the fact that human brains do not fully mature until the mid-twenties into account, I can't place too much blame on the Mane 5 for jumping to conclusions at the click of a mouse, or on the Crusaders for thinking that their stupid plan would actually work.

tl;dr: I think people place too much blame on a bunch of kids for jumping to conclusions or making up stupid plans to get attention.


When I was in middle school, some classmates of mine got suspended for talking about having a 'hit list' after the Columbine shootings.

As for the story, songs in story format are really, really, really hard to pull off worth a damn.

I'm not saying that the CMC got off scot-free as they did in the original comic. That part was easily one of the things that made me the angriest about the OG Anon-a-Miss. I do plan on elaborating the exact consequences that the CMC, and the school as a whole, faced in either a future chapter or a side story, depending on whether or not I can fit a paragraph on them in this story.

I'm going to have to say no to this.


I find that very few authors manage to strike a balance between imposing actual, realistic and meaningful consequences on the CMC versus going all-out revengefic, and most of the revengefics just aren't that well written.

Realistic, meaningful consequences for the CMC, given their actions and their age, would probably center on an official sentence of community service hours and a ban on the use of school computers except in class, plus their parents restricting how much time they're allowed to spend together (most likely none at all until they've started earning some trust back) and permanently taking away their phones and computers at home.

"Shut up, Brad!" someone from one of the sports teams yelled back.

That’s nowhacking

And so did her sister by blaming sunset when applebloom knew she wasn't guilty. And Bringing up the lying when sunset thinking about leaving isn't putting any points in the stay category.

Simple not many people take a kids word over an adult. Plus it twilight vs cinch on who telling the truth.

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