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Silver Scrolls


A long time ago Sunset left Equestria through the mirror into a new world. Across the mirror she became a villain hell bent on conquering a high school but then she was saved by another pony turned human and five close friends from the human world. Years have passed and she's faced her past, all but her darkest secret and greatest regret, the Sunset Shimmer of the world she invaded.

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I don't know how I knew this story was about Sunset visiting her human counterpart's grave and that she killed her, but I'd love a follow-up! I can only imagine what went through the Main Five's heads...that ending poked me in the feels a little.

Comment posted by Speedy Silverstreak deleted May 26th, 2018

Can you mark some of that spoilers please and tank you. As for the continuation hopes, at this time I have no plans for that. I think the story as it stands might lose something if I continue it,

What? Why do I exactly need to add spoilers? I'm not spoiling anything.

Your spoilers are
murdering herself.
and murdered this girl to take her place
I avoided mentioning it in the description specifically because it's a spoiler. It's easy to infer but unless you read it you can't be sure

... well that was depressing.

It was... But before I read this story, I never really thought about what happened to the human version of sunset shimmer. This actually is pretty accurate.

Despite being so depressing... This story is good, and gives a kind of closure the movie didn't.

That's dark as hell, but somehow we should have expected something like that. Considering that Pony Sunset never really seem all that worried about running into her human self.

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