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Sanguine Dream

I write Characters, not Caricatures.


This world isn't as it once was. Humanity is no longer the dominant species on the planet. They now fear the Old World, knowing full well the destruction caused by their ancestors.
This is a world dominated by machines. Humanity simply lives in it.
Yet, even in such a world, some search for answers to questions better left unsaid.
Even in this, daily life is a struggle. A young mare and her human sister know this all too well.

Just a short idea that popped into my head. A Crossover with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Inspired by Tatsurou's PWNY-verse.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 4 )

Haven't played Horizon Zero Dawn

A One-shot that just HINTS at a story of potentially extreme awesomeness?

This gives a feel what it might have been like if the game had two player mode...

How very interesting. It rather feels like a snippet out of a Tatsurou story. I like it!

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