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Shadow of doubt

Don't worry you can trust me, But don't say i didn't warn you.


This story is a sequel to I am Living Lava?

Rose has finally gotten permission to leave her gilded cage and travel freely around this new world, what wonders will she encounter, will she make a new friend? or will she become the threat Celestia saw her as?

Find out in her own Travel Journal!

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Ooh, a sequel! I shall read this. :raritystarry:

To be fair in this case it kinda makes sense. It will continue to be an issue till Rose gets control of her emotions, but she just spent the entirety of a walk to the train station being insulted and tomato pelted. Anyone would be really really pissy about that.

Also uh oh, Fluttershy is kinda peeved. Bet I can guess why.

Now if only there were some creatures that specialized in fire...hmmm...maybe ones covered in scales...

But for real tho, if Twilight doesn't figure something out the dragons will. I imagine Rose is just like a a little dragon that still hasn't learned to control its flame

Huzzah indeed! :twilightsmile:

Does Ponyville Station have a wooden platform. :derpytongue2:

Rose should do well in the dragon lands. Dragons can swim in lava, so they should be fine in her presence, although I wonder if they would be able to stand up to her highest temperatures unaffected. Probably not.

As are most problems who require training to be resolved.

It's always tiny steps.

I'm glad she finally left Canterlot. Celestia's apology sounded like bullshit to me, just an excuse and justification for being a bitch and imprisoning someone for no reason. And honestly it looks like Canterlot as a whole is full of rotten whores based on how she was treated. They see an alicorn they don't know and their first reaction is to be terrible speaks a great deal about them. I hope this doesn't wind up with her constantly turning the other cheek to people, stand up for yourself dammit!

Woooooooohooooooooo. I love this fucking story.

I completely feel the same and agree with you bud

Eventually, they arrived at their destination, where Fluttershy was waiting for them, her eyes hard and her position solid; Rose didn't seem fazed by this, but Twilight started to sweat buckets.

I predict Angel will open the door with industrial-grade hose already turned on.

Sure, once exams are done (15th November) I'll be more free to write.

Prepares the popcorn Looking forward to it~ :pinkiehappy:

Finished the exam I think I passed I was able to answer every question that's for sure, just gonna look for a job and in the meantime, write.

Cool, well hope that goes well for you

I've hit writer's block, the next three chapters are stuck at around 600 words, and I want to release them at least around 1500 words...
Unfortunately, I'm not the most reliable updater. Although I have managed to write more then I did when I had university.

I haven't really had any inspiration for awhile, which sucks, but I'm a binge writer.
On days I feel like writing I can get through around 5k words in one sitting... but those days are few and far between. Last time that happened was for a diffrent kind of evil.

Okay, well hope you get some inspiration because I love this story and last one

She could introduce them to Sauna! Only with bit of lava to "cool" off.

Idea. What happens when Pinkie throws her a party?

... I'm not sure how but I completely forgot about that possibility...
This has given me something to work with.

When are you making another chapter

I haven't really had the motivation to continue writing, I've also been preoccupied with working on a new video game with Lamina Studios.
My friend Elu has been composing music for it! It should release as a demo on steam under the name Overseer around May 6th or so.

That good I hope the game get lots of amazing comets

It just occurred to me that Rose never meet blueblood.

Let's hope that murder charge never comes

Fluttershy was waiting for them, her eyes hard and her position solid; Rose didn't seem fazed by this, but Twilight started to sweat buckets.

See I can't see why Flutters is apparently upset. Maybe it's something I missed or read over but... just why?

That being said I did finally finish "Why Am I Living Lava?" and immediately started on this. I was kinda hoping for more chapters but I'll take what I can get. And it'll be interesting seeing Rose in Equestria proper, and I especially like how Rose doesn't wear rose *snicker* glasses on. And I seriously hope she isn't one of those "turn the other cheek" types but then again I can also understand why she would be seeing as well... she's Living Lava.

But yeah I can't wait for your next chapter! And I hope you get your insperation man!

a year of waiting, I did not expect this story to be alive.

Honestly, a blip on the heart monitor, likely caused to some kind of parasitic fungi, I think it's called motivation or something?

If I remember correctly, Rose talked with Discord about how Twilight hasn't been doing the whole friendship thing too well recently with Discord and others, & Discord popped off to think about that, possibly letting Fluttershy know, resulting in the current circumstances.

IT alive !!! THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING this story:yay:

Awesome to see this is alive bud and it read pretty well tho this little bit

I of all ponies know that to communicate with and befriend Discord, you have to have the patience."

"You need to have the patience." Sounds better to me
Anyways loved chapter tho wished it was longer but this is how you write so that's perfectly fine


What a coincidence, Iā€™m also reading worm. Iā€™m on the arc where Taylor becomes one of the good guys of the Chicago wards

To answer the questions in the author's notes, the grammar has never been perfect and the dialogue occasionally requires an extra bit of thought because of that, but I've always admired your ability to put out a good narrative despite it. This chapter is a little too short without much actually happening for me to say whether the narrative is good or not. I have to see where it goes in the next part.

You might get good feedback releasing chapters in Google Docs via blogs before publishing like this author does: Blog Link. Basically just letting anyone interested preread and comment, seeing what works and what doesn't. It's also easy for people to point out grammar errors like that. Just be sure to set the document sharing to comment only and/or have a backup in case someone messes it up.

Friends? Maybe in the future, but right now nobody really seems to actuallybe on good terms for real with him except Discord. Also good for you Twilight, you called him by his real name. Now you get to be called Twilight instead of Fuckface.

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