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Tela, an everyday teenager who's life changed in a second. Follow her in her new life with her three friends, together they will go on adventures, fight monsters, discover ancient secrets and find a lot of LOOT.
Featured the 24th of march 2020 YAY:twilightsmile:

Featured: 04/10/2021 :yay:

There will be no crossover with other characters during the adventure, don't ask. Crossovers usually ruins the flow of a story.

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Just a quick note, this is not second person. Second person is the one that starts every action performed by the antagonist with "you".

Oh I accidentally hit the second person button without noticing it XD thanks

Bit early to tell, but Ill follow it and see where it goes.

(Oh, and I have the most appropriate quote for this one. 😜

The Monk
“A spider’s got to spider.” -Scarheart

its good ill give it a 7/10 cant what for more

Thank you I hope I can turn that 7/10 in a 10/10! :yay:

The bat demands more, but do not rush, make a web of awesomeness.

Mr bat won't have to wait long, the second chapter is almost ready :D

I said, now trot off to pick fruit, if something attacks you throw the bags to it and it should slow it a bit, I didn’t make them very sticky.” I said

One you forgot some " in there
Two you don't need the second I said

Why has loot been capitalized?

Cause when you want loot you don't want just some loot but some LOOT ya know what I mean?

Weird I read it over again and had my editor do that too and I didn't notice any. If you did please tell me ok? Thx!

Sure thing

The story is decent so far though

Make sure you put a status in the story description if you do or don't accept cross-overs. You don't need people bothering you about it if you're not accepting any. Or did someone mess up in placing your story in the group and this isn't a Displaced?

Not bad so far, tracking, also what season does this start in?

Well it is technically a displaced but you are right I have to clarify that there will be no crossovers. Thanks man! :D

Right after Twilight Time so season 4!

Posted my displaced story a few weeks ago and saw this story before publishing it. I told myself I’d read it later but never did. Did a small bit of digging but I eventually found it. I like it so far but I got a question. Just how small/big is Tela compared to the average pony? That’s it, continue the good work.

For now she is smaller by a five or so cm later on when she will grow up she will be much taller than them, furthemore she will have a... Surprise in the next chapter I won't say anything else XD

What a tease. Will keep tabs on this story.

Is this set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe? Secondly, teenager tits and spider butt? I mean, I ain’t over 18 so I’m fine with the former XD. Other than that, some minor typos and that’s it. Continue the good work.

I’m finding this very interesting. Like a Isekai story

Kinda wanted it to be equestria so we could see how the other ponies react but eh.

Is it just me or did Tela just seem to gain a distaste for wearing shirts? At first I questioned wether Tela might be better served by being a Rouge than a Warrior then a question occurred to me. Is it racist to say an underdark race works best as a rouge?

You know I feel like scootaloo will branch into fighter, or barbarian

Well this almost certainly is different from the rest, I mean we both know how that would end up right? "What are you? I'm X. Oh cool cool best friends forever." It always goes like that.

Who said she gained it? Also nah it's not racist they really are but she is a warrior.

Wouldn't be the first time it happens, the ponies are very welcoming and she can just go to Fluttershy and explain her situation. And boom she can have fish or whatever creature she can hunt in the everfree, so long she doesn't eat a pony no one would say anything bad to her unless you need a pony to purposely do that just to create a villain.

Still would've been fun and you could've had something happen to send them to this world later.

I mean true I could have done that, but eh, it's a trope so used at this time and I wanted to try something different.

Alright I just hope they end up in Equestria at some point.

Seriously please do.....maybe after Tela has "Leveled Up" a lot?

What about the others? They level up too XD

I mean so that Tela can beat a "Villain" and save the day or something.

Hehehe, I mean if she really level up to maybe level 10/12 she can beat basically anyone except Discord. D&D character can become demi-gods when they level up a lot so yeah she could, not like anyone could stop her there.

Eh.....I'd still like the "Ends up in Equestria" bet at some point even if its just the end.

You just have to wait and see then XD

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