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It's true, you know. In space, no one can hear you scream like a little girl.


Sometimes, hardship might throw some light on what's really important, and it won't always be what you expect.

Indirect sequel to Melodious Desideratum.

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o man.
I love second person fics, and if it's by this guy, insta read. :pinkiehappy:

I'm kinda hoping that this deafness isn't something that's going to wear off eventually. The idea of a deaf protagonist in what I assume to be a music focused fic is fascinating and very appealing. Looking forward to more.

Looking at the characters, Is this a les shipping?

I just see Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch in the character tag, does that mean this is a lesbian shipping story?


Oh . . . nah. The romance will be centered around our second-person protagonist. With whom . . . I shan't specify just yet. :trixieshiftright:

OOOH kay, would you kindly put the oc tag then? Don't want to confuse other readesr into thinking its a lesbian story, can you also post a pic of what the character(I/me) looks like?

I have the feeling that when we find out what kind of trauma causes both deafness and memory gaps, we're going to scream -- just to make sure we can still hear ourselves.


Just did. Thanks, mate! :pinkiehappy:

I will have to say that this is the first story I've ever read in which not only is the main protagonist deaf, but I am actually the protagonist who is deaf. I'm a little hesitant about it. My life is heavily focused around music, so it's actually a little frightening to try and imagine myself not being able to hear. Of course it should frightening to be deaf in the first place, but if it was actually me in that story, I'd be having one hell of a panic attack.
I'll continue reading to see where this goes because it is starting to get interesting, and you are the author after all. :twilightsmile:

Finally got around to read this. *reading, reading, reading* After reading this, is this Vinyl ship story that I suggested sometime ago?:pinkiehappy: It's also a strange coincidence, last week I had an idea for a shipping story where the main protagonist was also deaf.(great minds do think alike) I take it since I'm deaf that means there wont be any music in this story?:fluttercry:(but I like the music parts of your stories)


One thing that you should learn about my stories is that you should never rule out music. Music will always find a way. We'll see how it turns out, with our protagonist not being able to hear it, and all.

*shakes head*
First I go blind, get it back, then go blind again. Then become stupid, and now I can't hear?! i'm cursed!:ajbemused:
On a side note: can't wait to read more!:pinkiehappy:

Sorry for this continual theme of embarrassingly-long wait times in between chapters.
This time, I have a viable excuse other than laziness. For the past week or so, I've been having Internet issues, so the only time I've been able to actually get on the site is from my phone. Hence, no uploads.
It's just been a big ol' wibbly-wobbly mess of unfortunate.
But here we are, and I hope to be able to put out content a little bit more regularly.
Cheers, all! :pinkiehappy:

As long as you continue to update this story, I am positive there won't be a riot about it not being updated.....
*looks back at heavy fighting between rioters and police*
Yup! No riots at all......hehheh......:pinkiehappy:

Read the title. Got the reference. Did not see that coming at all...
Really, I thought it was just a dream sequence at first, but NOPE.
Very nicely done.

Well. Not sure if will/when it will be updated.....

It's quite a good read!
Honestly though, if I was suddenly stricken deaf, my FIRST reaction would to be to go to a doctor ASAP.
Kinda wondering why 'I' haven't done that yet.....

Why didn't I immediately go to a doctor? Should have thought of that in the first place. And am I'm being shipped with Bon Bon?

Go to a doctor? No,not after what happened last time.
Right now I'm glad to see that the story was not abandoned.:twilightsmile:

At least we don't have to wait for the pony we are talking too to finish writing on a piece of paper.But what could that dream mean?:rainbowhuh:

I have always believed that ninety-nine out of every hundred dreams turn out to mean absolutely nothing.

But oh, that hundredth....

I'm confused:rainbowhuh:, What does Luna want from me?(Is she somehow related to my deafness?)


Wh-what!? Space!? WHAT!?

Magical fucking ponies or not, you cannot honestly expect me to believe that. No.

No amount of rainbow pony magic will ever get me to believe that.



Believe what you see, sister.
All normal rules of reality were thrown out the window for this one moment, and who's to say that fate can't just step in and give our dashing protagonist a little nudge in the right direction? Even if that direction happens to be space.

Also, rainbow pony magic really had nothing to do with it . . .

I, in turn, will also bid you GOOD DAY. Thanks for stopping by! :pinkiehappy:

2468170 I will keep reading...but I really do refuse to acknowledge that..that utter decimation of reality...

Seriously, magical rainbow ponies or not. That mo-fo ain't no Luna.


Fair enough, mate. I won't ask for anything more than that. :twilightsmile:

How did I break orbit? If I was in space, a void with no air, what did my wings push against to send me moving back towards the planet? I guess I can chalk it up to pegasus magic, but I do think my internal speedometer is broken. The speed of light is only six hundred and seventy million mph. If I moved in a strait line at four billion mph for one second, I would have traveled over four times the distance between the earth and the moon.

Still this chapter was pretty amusing.


Yeah . . . let's chalk that one up to pegasus magic.

OMG!!! SOOOO GOOOD I'm really enjoying it!!! :heart::twilightsmile:

ah man, it was getting cool, please write more...please!

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