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I could make a Ymfah joke, but I'll refrain from it. For now.


After living with Nightmare Moon for a while (due to extenuating circumstances), Anon starts to notice a few oddities in her behaviour. Ones he understands all too well, and ones that are fresh on the mind.

In an effort to help her before it gets any worse, he drags her out of Ponyville for a night to talk about life's problems. And maybe cuss out her sister once or twice.

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Now this, this is some good stuff.

Very well done.

Holy molly broski, that was very well done and I would like another.

Well, 'anon' here's wrong in many ways concerning NM, but he said what he had to. It got the job done. Mixed feelings about it, but - needs must, I understand that.

Well-written. A more subdued and reasonable take on 'anon' concept, as well as Nightmare Moon.

Congratulations good sir, this story has earned a place in my favorites!

Really good story. I sure wouldn't mind random bits of their lives as a sequel. Glad to see your take on Anon is more of a normal person than internet troll. Has an edge like everyone but getting thrown to another place entirely, etc would test anyone's sanity. Being a night person myself I've got issues with the morning people. Works in my favor when I bust out the telescopes though!

Gotta admit, the ‘I don’t feel satisfied whatsoever’ came close to home in being relatable. Past six years have been pretty rough in terms of a number of ways and while it's been getting better as I chip at the problems it's one of those things you just get numb to after awhile. Just gotta keep moving forward and you'll get past it eventually situations.


I'm entirely biased on this, I'll admit that, but this kind of stung a little bit.

This was good stuffs. Hope to see more like it! :moustache::pinkiehappy:

I love this. <3

So... Judo is exceptionally effective against ponies? Good to know... :pinkiecrazy:

Plus, it’d probably be hard when your magic is essentially limited to weak telepathy that can’t hold heavy objects

I believe you mean telekinesis, telepathy means to either read someone's thoughts or communicate using your mind.


As a fag who likes basically every alicorn, I feel you. But sometimes you've got to take it.
Appreciate it- I was kinda writing NMM in a way that combined a bit more of 'Luna' along with, well, NMM. So it might not be the most accurate for just NMM, but when you also include a lot of Luna's problems, that I thought would still be present...
Tbh I didn't overthink it too much.
That's often how it is- you gotta muscle past the tough stuff, deal with what you can, and pursue what makes you happy. If you manage, you'll come out on top every time. At least, personally.
I mean, there's a reason why the most chill people are the kinds of people who've been through some serious shit in their lives but don't let it break them. I've talked to several older-folks like that, they're genuinely some of the nicest people I've met.
Oop- nice catch! Kind hard to get everything in 11k, hahaha.

You cant just come into my life
Make me care about these characters
And not have 200k more words for me to read.


I'll consider it. Just not before I get along with my current IP story, especially since I've gotten into a good flow. No longer being depressed af while you write is definitely a boon. And start its sequel.
Ngl, I did have a lot of fun writing these two. Just enjoying getting this done rn, though

I love this work.
Perhaps I've got some stuff I need to work on but having actual problems and damage feels much more real/rewarding to read.

I loved every second of reading this; super captivating, nice, and comfy. Gets you thinking and relating situations, which is one of the things I always love to see in writing. Nice work

My thoughts exactly. Keep moving, work on what you can, prioritize, ask for help if you get too deep, and try your best to not let it get to you. Can't say I'm where I want to be in life but I've got goals, just gotta work toward those as well. As a whole it can be daunting so just gotta break it down.

Gotta agree with older folks being more mellow. I've certainly got that way more than before. Just turned thirty-eight today so getting toward the middle there. Getting into astronomy also helped a bit because once you really look up and see the vastness of everything some of the small day to day things just fade off.

That? That expression? That’s shame.

Her patience is immeasurable, and her day is not yet ruined, but you can feel the lack of amusement coming from her.

We just not gonna talk about this amazing reference that to me seems like it went unnoticed? This totally made my day! And the story too I guess, seriously tho i rarely see stories that genuinely talk about self problems and take a more realistic approach with how characters deal with them like they do have realistic idea in characters but they never truly point out and speak about it through the characters and plot in a healthy way. I think we need more of that due to the idea that well alot of people got problems and sometimes it's really unhealthy ways they're dealing with it and that's worrying, so thanks for this and honestly I saw a bit of myself with this Anon for once, like sure he wasnt me and I wasnt trying to put myself in his shoes but I saw some connections and this sorta made me wanna improve more to how he was because I still got issues but the way he expresses it and didn't let it sour another person in need of help with their own issues it was...brilliant really, he felt very human and that's something rarely I truly see, it was really nice to see something real but not so raw it felt like a drama but just a natural scene with natural characters that didnt insert some love couple or secret problems that just happen now, well except near the shouting but that felt more of a natural approach and was hinted so I'm okay with it.

So uh thanks, for making something that was healthy and real, it helped me and from the looks of it helped alot of people too, keep doing your stuff man.

Just wanted to say: Thank you for writing this. It made me feel good and the idea to scream out your frustrations is something I'll need to try.

This was incredibly well written, very good job. I honestly don't have the time to write out everything that made it so good, but this is now a personal favorite. Very good, and applicable too. I can feel the emotion put into this story. 10//10

Ooh, I like this. I like this a lot. Good job. Just an absolutely charming read. I really really hope we can see more of these two in the future.

Comment posted by Aldon deleted March 8th

This was simply perfect really. A nice and real way to portay a human in Equestria and a "redemption" arc for Nightmare Moon. Amazing work :heart:

I know this story is it's own thing since it's the foundation to their healing more than the road ahead...but I would really love a sequel to these two :pinkiesad2:

I completely agree. These sorts of stories completely fit the MLP FIM theme in a more mature fashion, ironically

This was absolutely beautiful. I have no other words.

Completely agree. I've got this on a list of mine which I go through once a year to check for sequels... If one comes out I will be extraordinarily happy.

The NMM/Anon art in the A/N was super cute as well :)

This is an absolute joy to read. 10/10 Would read more.

I greatly enjoyed this fic. It's lovely to see Nightmare and Anon as emotional, thinking beings rather than mindless tropes and stereotypes


I'd like to place an order for twenty thirty more chapters, please.

This was a comfy story and a good attitude for things. Well atleast anon and luna have each other to lean on.

Brilliant fic. I'd love how you wrote the dialog and interactions between the two. I'd love to see more.

Fucking loved the whole thing. Especially the pic at the end :heart:

Out. Standing! This really strikes home with some of my own issues I've been dealing with, and I appreciate the overall upbeat tone and humor. Well done!

I think most of us would agree we would like to see more

This is melancholically awesome

This...this was actually very good. We would also like for this story to not get a sequel or more chapters, it feels better as is, and we think that adding more would probably ruin some of the feel of the story. Would love to see more short stories though.

Black Snooty needs so many hugs

I really do enjoy your works and was a bit sad when I realized I already read your other ones! I'll just have to read them again sometime in the future especially this one. Maybe put some of what was in it into practice. I Know that I'll definitely be sharing this one with others, so well thank you.


Aww, thanks!

I've got more coming in the pipes, even if it's a bit slowly... a lot slowly... er...

Glad you got something out of this story, though. As cheesy as it sounds, it was cathartic to write as well. Glad you've got something out of it, and hope whoever else does as well!

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