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... Why is Carousel such a good album? My emotions, they have been played with, and I am not okay-


Anon decides, despite every bit of logical sense, to boop an angelic pony after exploiting her for chores. This could only end well.

After all, boredom is overrated, and the temptation to boop a cute angel pony is too great! Who cares if you could potentially be smited by pony-God, right?

Now if only you weren't literally being sized up by God himself... And said angel is trying to convince him why you should marry.


Art stolen by Badumsquish. Give their adorable art some love~
Also obviously the angel pony is theirs, lmao, hope they enjoy the story

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After living with Nightmare Moon for a while (due to extenuating circumstances), Anon starts to notice a few oddities in her behaviour. Ones he understands all too well, and ones that are fresh on the mind.

In an effort to help her before it gets any worse, he drags her out of Ponyville for a night to talk about life's problems. And maybe cuss out her sister once or twice.

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Sweet Biscuit may or may not have a slight cookie addiction. She also may or may not break into Anon’s house to steal his cookie jar. Again. Or maybe it’s just because she misses him.

Either way, they're happy enough to see each other again.

... Though that doesn't mean Anon won't lose a sweet or two in the process.

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Anon is adamant that bananas are the best fruit in the universe. Applejack disagrees, for obvious reasons.

Fistfights ensue.

This happens more often than you'd think. It's all in good fun though.

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This story is a sequel to Princess Is Sad? Boop the Snoot

Several months after his 'encounter' with Princess Celestia in the throne room, Anon's life had come to a bit of a lull. He was content in his solitude and was enjoying spending his days doing... not much at all.
And occasionally abusing boops to get his way, but that's less important.

When he comes to realize the difference between solitude and loneliness, he sets out to fix it.

After getting shipped off to Canterlot due to some slight misunderstandings and slight timberwolf attacks, there's a tab bit more to deal with than he'd expect.

Like Princess Luna. And rebuilding bridges with Twilight.
And Princess Celestia's odd behaviour.

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Anon has been forced into Canterlot's throne room. Even worse, Princess Celestia is inside of it. Crying silently.

Welp, there's only one real solution here.


Now's the time to hope this isn't a crime of any sort, and that he isn't sent to the sun anytime soon.

First publicized story- would definitely appreciate criticism.

And being completely honest- this was made in under an hour. A product of sudden inspiration.

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