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... Why is Carousel such a good album? My emotions, they have been played with, and I am not okay-


Have you ever just... · 8:33am February 7th

Have you ever just had like, 5 people in a day randomly invade your dms, two practical strangers and three friends, who start going on about you being genuine and nice and a good person or something?


Just me?

Okay, I'm gonna go die now-

Internal screaming

... I might've needed that, but still-


Uhhhhh... something-something, I've been writing, 5k words done so far, might come within a month I hope I dunno?

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*Comes from the depths* · 2:07am Dec 12th, 2022

Weeeeelp, seems like another story of mine hit featured the day it was posted.


Not sure if that means I have some talent of some sort, or a problem, either way I'll take it!

Hey folks, L-N here. Some rando on the internet who came out of the depths again. To bring more tidings of story!

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What Even Is Optical · 10:29pm Nov 8th, 2021

My journey was tough, and filled with many a 'bullshits', use of old parts, and shenanigans. But at least I have a home theatre setup jacked into my pc, in my newly reorganized room.

In other words, things are going well.

However, the title may fly over many people's heads until they see one image.

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Why No Words · 8:13pm Sep 27th, 2021

I swear, they're coming.

Just... slowly.

I'm like 90% sure nobody's as invested in my terrible writing but me, but I still feel hounourbound to say I'm still alive.

Just-uh, on top of a whole lot of block, plus a new full-time job I'm working (happily, at that, I've found a people person and slight workaholic inside of m'self) it might take a bit.

... I'm pretty sure the owner and head manager both like me a lot. I am more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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The Big 400 · 11:28pm Apr 28th, 2021

Well, I just logged in and saw I hit the 400 mark- knowing my luck, I'll drop under immediately, but it's a nice thought nonetheless.

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Progress! · 8:12pm Mar 31st, 2021

So, the past few months have definitely been productive. Feels like every few weeks I get a few k' done on the story.
I swear, it's always like, the three-month social-media detox that does it. Let the creativity flow.

On that subject, actually...

It's maybe not 'more horsewords soon', but it's 'horsewords conceivably within the next millennia or so.'

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Good Vibes · 8:26pm Mar 23rd, 2021

Well, today I've gone on like 3-4 walks, it's sunny out and almost feels like 20°c, and I've had a great recommendation feed going for philosophy and good vibes that's kept a smile on my face.

And then, bill wurtz posted.

So I'm kinda just chilling on some rocks, right by the water of the basin near my house, and I think I've hit chilling-in-good-vibes nirvana as I sing along with random songs.

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Catharsis - Trailing Thoughts · 12:12am Mar 6th, 2021

The last few days have been good ones.

Classes, which used to be literal hell on earth, have been made a much nicer affair due to a new facility opening up nearby to me.

And let me put it this way: Two classes a semester, 4 semesters, free snacks, great teachers, and large, friendly class-discussions.

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