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I am become cringe, destroyer of... my own shame, lol


*Flips a table* · 4:02am Last Wednesday

Alright, so self-love is key, and all that stuff.

So yeah, I gave my old stories a re-read. Tried to dig into how they got so many upvotes. I've always been astounded, thinking my writing was trash. But honestly... I enjoy it.

Turns out, I really like this silly story too, even if it's a clusterfuck. So y'know what, screw a redux, I'M GONNA JUST CONTINUE IT AND MAKE IT WORK.

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Wherin The Redux Lies · 9:57pm June 4th

Alright, so along with many of my current projects- the ones currently stealing my muse, that is...

The list currently including the following-
A slight timeloop fic, but going for a different vibe entirely than most.
A follow-up to Catharsis.
An AU fic stealing elements from a specific series.
A little Rainbow-Fluttershy-HiE one-shot romcom.
And a fic tackling immortality's toxic effects-

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The Words Be Wordin' · 6:50pm April 29th

Hey folks, back a bit sooner than usual, which means like... years, I guess! Lmao

Ages back, and I mean ages, there was a ko-fi goal for wordcount updates, and I figure, I might as well finally live up to that.

So, what have I been doing?

Well, to be brutally honest, I've been writing out the concepts for a longfic mostly- but more on that later- and a few other small projects on the side.

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Starin' Down That Wall · 6:00am March 31st

(Originally it was gonna be barrel, but that was a worrying title)

Hey folks, L-Bozo here

Kept you waiting, huh?

Bah, what'm I kidding, I've been dead so long it hardly counts!

Long story short, life's a bitch, and creativity ultimately comes secondary to sorting your shit out.

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Have you ever just... · 8:33am Feb 7th, 2023

Have you ever just had like, 5 people in a day randomly invade your dms, two practical strangers and three friends, who start going on about you being genuine and nice and a good person or something?


Just me?

Okay, I'm gonna go die now-

Internal screaming

... I might've needed that, but still-


Uhhhhh... something-something, I've been writing, 5k words done so far, might come within a month I hope I dunno?

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*Comes from the depths* · 2:07am Dec 12th, 2022

Weeeeelp, seems like another story of mine hit featured the day it was posted.


Not sure if that means I have some talent of some sort, or a problem, either way I'll take it!

Hey folks, L-N here. Some rando on the internet who came out of the depths again. To bring more tidings of story!

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The Big 400 · 11:28pm Apr 28th, 2021

Well, I just logged in and saw I hit the 400 mark- knowing my luck, I'll drop under immediately, but it's a nice thought nonetheless.

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Catharsis - Trailing Thoughts · 12:12am Mar 6th, 2021

The last few days have been good ones.

Classes, which used to be literal hell on earth, have been made a much nicer affair due to a new facility opening up nearby to me.

And let me put it this way: Two classes a semester, 4 semesters, free snacks, great teachers, and large, friendly class-discussions.

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