• Published 5th Jul 2019
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Boops are Eternal. Boop the Snoot - L-N

After his 'encounter' with Princess Celestia in the throne room, Anon's life had come to a bit of a lull. That quickly revolves itself after a misunderstanding and a timberwolf attack leads him back to Canterlot. Shenanigans ensue.

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1.5.5 - Long Nights, Fizzling Alicorn

Long nights. Long nights were the worst. Despite the irony that statement held due to some circumstances, Princess Luna still kept that feeling close to heart.

The last weeks had been... painful, to say the least, for the Princess of The Night, and All It Entails. Nightmare after nightmare, hidden under a large block of new dreams that floated around Canterlot like... 'tumours' wasn't a very nice word for it, but 'benign tumour' fit a lot better... suffice to say, it was, as the younger ponies might say, 'the literal worst' to deal with.

At the very least she had a very soft bed to help her escape her duties for at least a moment. The comfort made all the difference, in her honest opinion. If it could ease an aching back, it could ease an aching soul...

Now if only she could shake this headache that had been growing this past... since her return. Years, maybe? It didn't worry her too much quite honestly, slipping back rather actively into the 'dream-warden' position certainly would have a cost, and that seemed a reasonable one.

But the clear feeling that something was wrong when the headaches got worse didn't help at all. Neither were the gaps in memory she was apparently experiencing.

After all, when Tia had thanked her for relaying a message to one of the more odd denizens of Ponyville... she could neither remember the name, nor even doing such a thing. Which was even more worrying, considering she had apprently dream-walked to relay it.

She sighed and burried her head under the blankets. Rest. That's what she needed. Lots of rest.

... Glancing at a clock placed every convenient over her door, she saw quite clearly that she probably should've been heading to the throne at this time, as if anypony would be there. Or the dining-room, as if there would be anypony to entertain in the first place. Or a chef to serve her!

Many a strongly-worded letter had been relayed before to her sister. Perhaps another one was due.

She'd spend five more minutes under the sheets before she would even consider that, however... Her horn ached. Her magic was rebelling. And her body was reminding her that while her mind may gallop faster than anypony except perhaps her sister, her everything else most certainly did not.

... She was woefully out of shape. She hadn't even noticed the physical tax of dream-walking before, or barely registered it...

Snorting at her own trailing mind, she planted her head on her pillow, stretched out into a position that would be both painful and undesirable to move from, and made a very terrible decision. A sleeping spell. From a partially burnt-out alicorn.

After all- what could go wrong? She needed some rest, anyways, riiiight?


Sadly, Luna had a track-record for making terrible decisions.

Author's Note:

In the immortal words of Wheatley- I'm not dead!

Sorry if it's been... Christ, ages since the last upload? Didn't mean to do that.

Writer's block is certainly... a fickle mistress. Though I suppose in my case it's been more of a general "creativity-block," and to be frank, it still hasn't ended.

So, in an effort to push my way through it, I'm trying to force myself to write. I wouldn't expect quality (not like I put out anything of quality anyways, hah!) but I should hopefully get some words out from time to time.

I can tell you this, in absolute confidence, though: I've been thinking about this story through this entire weird impromptu break, and I have no intentions to leave it incomplete forever, or in permanent hiatus hell. I saw a notification once from someone adding my story to their 'cancelled' bookshelf, and I slap you good sir with a glove marked with all chaos gods- for I shall have none of that!

Anyways I'm rambling. And This is probably a super-long Author's Notes. Oop.

Anyways, enjoy what I'm teasing here. I love all of you folks, and even if I'm a pretty shitty writer, I hope you all know I do very much appreciate every one of you, even those who dislike the story. It's an honour to write anything at all, and knowing that a few of my stories even got popular at all is... frankly mind-boggling.

Gah, I'm being sappy. Free me from this eternal torment.

May the powers of Choas Undivided light your day, and here's hoping I can continue this before the year ends, properly!