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If you're in need of cute and feelsy s**t, just call for Halp. I might stumble out of bed and write something that suits your needs.


Anon is dragged into Equestria by the effects of a mysterious idol belonging to Discord. He is soon discovered by Princess Celestia, Twilight, and Fluttershy, without any memory of how to speak or write clearly, or his past. Fluttershy then volunteers to watch over Anon until the princesses decide on further action. What follows is Anon's attempts at making a new life for himself alongside Fluttershy and her friends.

Featured as of 11/13/2017- Holy moly! A hearty thank-you to everyone who has joined me for the story so far, and a warm welcome to everyone who has yet to hop on board. Enjoy.

Edit as of 2022: Marked as cancelled as a courtesy to anyone who finds this. Between grad school and depression, I lost what direction I had to keep up with the story as intended. There isn't any intention to keep working on it, but I can't bring myself to delete it outright. Please take it as you will, and accept my sincerest apologies that it took so long to make clear.

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Interesting concept and very well written. Keep it up.

Thank you! I'll do my best; you should see an update in the next few days or so.

As mentioned, really like the concept, means you need to be extra creative with the character interactions. So far I'd say you are doing a fantastic job, can't wait to read more!

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I appreciate your input, and hope you enjoy the story. Thanks!

All in due time. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it.

This is good stuff
keep up the good work

(just found this and saw how little chapters there are, but knew this would be my new drug) *slides a dollar across the table* another dose plz

Wait a second...am I...FIRST?!?!?!

For chapter four, yes! :pinkiehappy:

How the frickfrack has nobody pointed out the painfully obvious pun yet?? Is the cute distracting you all? I bet it's the cute distracting you all.

;3; das pretty good. Mur stury plz

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Anon and Imuss.
Anonimuss. Lol. Clever, clever.
(Accidentally deleted my first comment on this chapter, gg me.)

Don't you worry, I've got plans to solve just those questions later on. Right now, I'd say it's too early to tell how Anon feels about Fluttershy (they've only known each other for four days!), but you never know what could happen. :raritywink:

I appreciate your input, and hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

The cute heals me.

*target acquired. Engage binge mode*

"And Anon stayed there in that seat all night, never going back to Fluttershy because the story ended there."
Das was a guud story .3. I can't wait for next chapter. Maybe Anon will meet the Cutie Mark Crusaders even tho he's not suppose show his existence to the world

I'll admit, that little addition made me chuckle. I've made a concerted effort to only capture (at most) a days' worth of time into each chapter, so you can expect your answer to come not too far in the future.

So binge reading didn't workout the way I expected, but I still caught up pretty fast. I am enjoying this a lot more than I thought and look forward to more.

I'm glad to hear it! Most of my chapters will likely be between five to six thousand words, so you can expect a reasonable bit of reading each week. Certainly not binge-worthy, but hopefully enough to keep readers satisfied. :yay:

Theory right here if you do make the wings an actual thing. Anon's dead. But like, the story from Date A Live. (It's an anime) Anon gets to "live" in a new place. He's basically Angel the girl from the show

I dont think adding wings to Anon is a good idea. Sure it adds more of a "He can do anything", but I feel like it's not a characteristic for him rn. He's already freakin Superman, what more do you want? I mean, I guess he could be a magic user, but it still seems off °~° idk, thats my thoughts. Not trying to ruin anyones day or anything

Edit: Maybe give him a six sense or something. Like spiderman XD

While giving Anon wings is an interesting idea (one that I'd actually entertained before bluedragon mentioned it), I've elected not to for this story. I have other ideas that are taking shape in my personal notes/documentation that I prefer.

Also, by technicality, you could suggest that Anon is a magic user, given that humans absorb latent magic and (unconsciously) channel it into their physical strength (hint: check chapter four). We might just find out more later... :twilightsmile:

I was the one who commented first on chapter 4 XD yes ik how to read

Sugarcube corner...:twilightoops:

Anon there's this pink pony you may want to know about before you enter...

.3. Meh, good introduction for part 2...I hope. I cant wait for next week!

Ok, I would normally leave a in-depth prediction for part 2, but I have a headache. But know that I highly anticipate the next part with much speculation!

.3. If you had to be a pegasi, an earth pony, or a unicorn, which would it be?-?

I believe such questions are better suited for personal messages, but if I had to answer, I'd say pegasus.

^~^ dont actually know how to do that

“And I’ve brought some help, too. Anon, could you come out please?”

And out stepped someone who had the muscles of The Rock, his hard abs almost as strong as...well, a rock

“Anyway, what were you two moving this tree out here for?” Twilight asked, changing the subject.

Fluttershy: I wanted to see Anon flex those amazing muscles of his. They're so ripped, it looks like his muscles has muscles o///o

The princesses didn’t know anything about you, and they were more than willing to force you into submission if necessary. 

They'd use the choker as a way to get you on your knees, and beg for sweet release (from the choker, what else we're you thinking about? lol)

Sweat dripped off of your brow as you flattened your hand and brought it down in a fierce chop. The tree branch snapped snapped under your blow effortlessly, sending small chips of wood into the air.

If only Mr. Kesuke Miyagi could see you now.

The sound of snapping and breaking branches filled the air as you worked, and you took a few extra steps to sort out smaller twigs and branches that could be used for nest material, placing them and the remaining wood into respective piles. 

Little did you know, those sneaky beavers had the audacity to steal that wood for their beaver dam.

“So, uh, who are you? And why are you breaking apart that tree?” The voice above you startled you

You don't look at the voice as you break the tree in half and say to it, "I asked it kindly to leaf, but now...its in a better place."

“So… you’re here with Fluttershy, and making stuff for nests and birdhouses, got it,” she affirmed, nodding her head. “You can understand me, but you can’t speak, so you draw instead?”

With that, the rainbow haired pony laid back on this couch and said to you, "Draw me like one of your French girls."

“Last I checked, humans don’t have wings. Maybe you could use your ‘strong, finely-toned leg muscles’ and jump up here?” she said

Anon sighed as his frustration released. Finally, somepony noticed he didn't skip leg day!

Your actions for the day had supposedly been magically broadcast to Twilight, and for the first time, the trinket gave you hope that she and Celestia might start to see the error of their ways.

You didn't mind be submissive for a while more though. As long as you got something out of it. (his freedom)

You turned to grab the choker off the floor and clasped it around your neck, and stood up to gather your clothes.

As you reached for your clothes, the towel suddenly fell, exposing your body to the world. Fluttershy blushes and covered her face with her hoof, using the other to punch you, sending you flying through the window and into the night sky while she yells, "BAKA!!!!!"

I wonder will fluttershy have a nice or nasty surprise when she wakes up.

Someone's asking the real questions. :raritywink:

welp this is going to be fun the day after :derpytongue2:

“Do you mean him?” Roseluck asked, pointing towards you. “I saw him earlier today with Lyra. She wouldn’t stop talking about him and his ‘hands.’ I was actually about to go find her, actually.” The cream-colored pony flashed you a polite smile and turned to walk away.

2 actually's in the same sentence actually doesn't sound that good actually.

“No, no, I should be fine. To be honest, I wasn’t expectin’ a cart repair service with my delivery, but I suppose I should pay up, now that everythin’s settled.” You and Pinkie pulled the cart out to the front of the shop, and all of you waited patiently after Patched ducked inside.

after Patch had ducked inside* or after Patch ducked inside* unless how you spelled it was right on the grammatical level, then I'm sorry (no sarcasm)

“Back to Sugarcube Corner? Oh, I was actually thinking of taking Anon back home, since we’ve been out and about all afternoon,” Fluttershy muttered, pawing at the ground. “I’m… actually pretty tired, and we haven’t eaten lunch, either.”

Sorry about this. Might not be an error, but im confused on this part, cause earlier Patch mentioned his son was in recess, and I think I remember recess being at 10 or 11 back in elementary school. So it might be a simple mistake that it says all afternoon, or your recess was WAY different from mine XD
Probably more stuff I missed but they're all relatively small. Sorry for my opinion ._.

P.s Also, I knew part 2 was gonna be good!!! .w.

Anon you weak minded fool! How are you going to explain this in the morning?

But in all seriousness, this was a great chapter. And is that the story behind the cover image I see?

Thanks for the catches. I went over this chapter a bajillion times, but missed the stylistic issues. I'll get on that. :facehoof:

Also, recess for me (as a kid) ranged anywhere from 12:00 to even 2:00 P.M., so I can understand the confusion.


And is that the story behind the cover image I see?

... perhaps. :raritywink:

I love this story, but the only point that hasent been addressed is his inability with speech and amnesia or the work (more like lack of) to solving it so he can remember basics like speaking and writing....

You make a fair point, but have patience, young grasshopper. :raritywink:

If you'll recall, most of the princesses' focus for five days (in regards to Anon) has been on just finding a way to send Anon back home. It stands to reason, though, that someone would try and address this problem, given enough time.

chase the sailed ship with more of its kind


No the only point that hasn't been addressed is monthly(maybe?) uploads on dis story .w. I don't mind, just need a rough estimate on the next one

Also, your welcome .3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...wait a second, I love that! Mwahahahaha! *puts on black cloak and stands in the not so dim corner*

It's not like you're his publisher ._. I'm pretty sure he's just busy irl so he can't keep a strict writing schedule. And writing so well takes effort and work, so just be patient.

Somehow such a cute and amazing story has managed to not be flooded with cringe. It's a miracle.

“Et tu, Fluttershy?”

If Fluttershy is Brutus, and Discord is Julius, then who would Anon be? Certainly not Mark Antony.

Hey, everybody! First things first- I'm not dead, nor is the story.

My work has taken me in and out of town a few times these past couple weeks, so the best I was able to do between trips and classes was plan out more of the story. Now that things are starting to settle down, I will do my best to resume a 1-chapter-per-week schedule.

I'd also like to give my sincere thanks to everyone who has favorited and/or tracked the story, especially to those of you who have stuck with it so far. I can't believe the story has reached over 1,000 people already- I'm definitely excited to see what you think of what's to come!

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