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The Rules and Laws behind 'Hoof and Claw' · 1:04am May 16th, 2019

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my story. I've been asked some questions that relate to the rules behind the 'Hoof and Claw' universe, so I figured I'd post them up here. What I'm about to write isn't spoilers per se, but if you like to figure things out as you go along you may want to skip this post.

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Thanks for having added my more.. Hmm, let's say mature romance story, The Return of Anon, to your favorites. I'll hope you you keep enjoying it. :heart::rainbowkiss:

Appreciate the follow and the favorites. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for taking an interest in Crossing the Trixie Bridge. Updates are published every Friday, between 6 and 10 PM Eastern Time. Bonus chapter releases may also be released the same week, so check the Writers Notes at the bottom of each chapter for more info.

Also, looking at your library, it looks like my story might be hitting all but one of those categories you have.

Otherwise, as always, comments, questions, and critiques are always welcomed. I do my best to answer all of them and look forward to you enjoying the story along with me.

Glad you enjoyed my short story, Is this the End?, so much you added it to your favorites. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

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