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Here, v post stories about Luna, or her evil counterpart, Nightmare. The stories don't necessarily have to both ponies, they only require Luna and/or Nightmare. :yay: Basically, your wish.

:heart: Peace Out! :raritywink:

Hey guys, I’m making a new ‘Freedom Rule’, or...whatever. Your stories are allowed even if they only feature Luna/Nightmare for a second. For example:

As Twilight galloped by, she noticed Luna flying overhead, but she had no time to stop and chat. She HAD to get to Zecora!


Please ignore the Luna in the below lines.

Luna battled the changelings. At one point, one of them had transformed into Nightmare Moon, but the sight of her old self had driven her to extreme fury, and well...let’s just say that no changeling was gonna transform into Nightmare again. EVER.

So...yeah. I don’t wanna be a dictator, lol! :derpytongue2:

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YES!!! I’ve created 5 folders! Now, let’s. Get. TYPING!!!:raritystarry::pinkiehappy::yay::derpytongue2:

Oh...Welcome to the group, dude! Thanks for joining when I didn’t even ask u!

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But jussst remember, no M rated ssstories!

Meh, it'sss your wish, do what u want.


Yeah. I wrote Luna as a prey in a story of mine, but I really should write her as a lamia mare.

Meh, sssorry for making it ssso hard, but at leassst u can ssstill write some. :raritywink:


Shame I don't have any stories to add.

Ur welcome. I knew u MIGHT like it. LOL XD :rainbowlaugh:

K, hi everybrony, SO glad u decided 2've got nothing else 2 say, so...let's get our creative juices flowing!:twistnerd:Yay! Eheheheh...

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