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A down-on-his-luck brony stumbles upon an impossible sight: Nightmare Moon, standing on a Los Angeles sidewalk! She makes him an even more impossible offer: join her in her conquest of Earth! Join Nightmare Moon and her new minion as they try (and sometimes fail) to take over Southern California - with their eventual goal of World Conquest!

This story is the opposite of a 'Human in Equestria' story, this is a Pony on Earth story. Our Earth. There will be action, comedy, slice of life and a little shipping mixed in here and there. No clop, but it does get really steamy in a couple of places. The brony protagonist will learn that there are heavy consequences to pay if you want to try and fulfill your fantasies with an Equestrian villain.

But oh, they're SO worth it.

Cover art by BegasusTiuBe.

Note: Story is 100% complete. New chapters post at least once a week, on every Sunday.

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Well this could be an interesting story, I think the set up is good, with the guy too drunk to realize that this was real when he kissed NMM for real and sort of reasonably refused sense she didn't had the cash for him to keep his apartment. I can't wait to see how she will solve that idea, my best guess would be mind control of some sort or steals money. I wonder what powers he will be allowed to help her in her quest to conquer the world like that, he doesn't sound like the sharpest tool around so I don't think hacking is his thing. my best guess would be that NMM is going to build up a lot of capital before to help finance her conquest before doing anything big yet. I hope there will be human turn ponies in this once sense they are my favored kind of stories. I will keep an eye on this story.

Also, I do a lot of cover art here on FImFiction, you might have come across some of my work around, if you are interested in getting your own cover art I am available for commission if you ever want to look me up. if you have the chance to take a look at my work you can go to my DA gallery in the link bellow. I hope to hear from you soon.



Thank you for your compliments. Though I must disappoint you as well, no humans turn into ponies in this story. Nor do the ponies turn human or into anthros. All ponies in this story are normal Equestrian ponies.

I like how you're thinking about what's going to happen next in the story, although I went in a different direction. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but you will find out a lot more in the next chapter.

Oh well too bad, will see if the story stands enough on ti's own without that then.

Bonus chapter for everyone! I will still post a new chapter on Sunday.

okay great there is some transformation. I think the writing was pretty solid, if I didn't know she was so clueless and had only meet NMM just a few hours prier, I would have thought that she brainwash his friends or hex the guy for everyone to turn his back on him. keep it up.

Strange. Stats for the story show 4 positive votes and 1 negative even though only 3 positive votes are showing on the home page. Maybe yours is the one 'missing' vote? This presumes you're upvoting, of course.

Click on the thumbs up and NOTHING.....

Well, I now see 3 upvotes and one of them is today. Maybe that's you? And thanks much for the upvote!

Hum, I wonder how they will plan to take over the world as a cat and horse? I know that NMM is a shape shifter and probably has lot of mind control magic, s she demonstrated with the guy. I take it that they will build up some capitals by going to corporate leaders through out the world and will create a company front for it.

The reason we aren't seeing the votes is because you haven't gotten many yet. I don't know the minimum number for it to display. It's to prevent people from immediately brushing off a story if it has more negatives then positives. Sometimes some people come by and give useful advice, for example.

Thanks for your input. I was told by the folks in the Discord group that threshold was 10 votes. The reason I got for the discrepancy between the landing page and the statistics page was that votes can be removed by the voter, but those removed votes don't show on the statistics page.

I've decided to post the next couple of chapters early, to get past the training section. Another chapter will post Thursday night, then back to the weekly schedule on Sunday.

I was going to leave quietly, but you don't have a lot of comments so I figured I'd at least explain why I'm getting off here. If nothing else, it'll help your comment counter, lol. The general concept is very interesting to me, but a lot of my interest lied in the perspective character being a human in a human world, interacting with a still-evil Nightmare Moon who has plans for said human world. I'm sorry, but the sacrifice of his humanity has lost most of my interest. The idea of Nightmare Moon being able to teach spells by just beaming the knowledge into his head is also very... it just feels super contrived to me, even if he still has to practice them to get good at them. The previous point about the loss of humanity eroded most of my interest, and this point finished it off. This story just isn't for me, I suppose.

Thank you for your response, especially since it would have been easier to just downvote and leave like you said.

I knew that taking the main character's humanity away would lose some readers. But I just couldn't see a way to keep him fully human and still have him contribute to the story in any way. The way I see it, Nightmare Moon is really strong in magic so she would see non-magical creatures as worthless. So a human without magic is useless to her, except maybe as a boy-toy kissing machine. While that would be a fun story to read, this isn't that kind of story.

Without a little 'hand-waving' of some sort, this story would end after the second chapter as the human wouldn't be able to keep up with Nightmare Moon without magic. I felt it would be an even bigger cheat to just give him magic, or hand him a special hat or amulet that lets him use magic. And there isn't enough time to train him properly (why is a spoiler), so Nightmare Moon is definitely cheating. The memory transfers are a big cheat, and they only work because of another cheat Nightmare Moon used. How she is cheating is explained in the next chapter (Act 1, Chapter 8).

This whole discussion taps into the rules I made for this world, so I've made a blog post on it.

As promised, a new chapter. The next one will post on the regular schedule on Sunday.

Early post for Memorial Weekend her in the States! I'll post another chapter on Monday, which will end Act 1!

Nice to see that Moon is going to get a wake up call when it comes to basic physics.


Oh yes, Nighty is in for quite the wake-up call. She does eventually figure things out, the mare isn't stupid. But when you've had over a thousand years training your instincts in a magically-fueled world, it's a bit difficult to re-adjust to a non-magical world. Just because you think your way is superior, doesn't mean you actually are.

Another Sunday and another new post! The comments section is a bit quiet - thanks to those that have posted, but I'd love to hear from more of you! Also FYI, as this story gains in popularity I will post chapters more often.

Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it.

While that won't happen in this story, it could have happened to Nightmare Moon had she not met Josh. What if she approached someone with a mental disorder and a gun? Or accidentally interrupted a drug deal? There's a lot of good in our world, but there's a lot of bad too.

Her ignorance is going to get them both killed

*sees a story about Nightmare Moon coming to Earth and meeting a brony*

Doggone it, someone beat me to it!


Every story is different, and forges its own path. So please don't let my story stop you from writing your own.

Is the concept 'Nightmare Moon comes to Earth and meets a Brony' that unique? I never thought about it.

Okay, little bit of honesty here: I'm a tad bit disappointed that Nightmare Moon was basically curb-stomped by those tanks. I'm one of those guys who likes stories where magic is way out of humanity's league, and we end up wiping the floor on at least the first round.

Oh, well. Good job so far, anyway.

Ah, that's one of our differences. I believe that magic has its rules and limits, and while it can do some amazing things it won't make you invincible. That being said, Nightmare Moon could have defeated those tanks had she flown behind them and taken them by surprise. But don't forget, she's an arrogant bitch and thinks that no one can beat her.

Don't get me wrong, I adore the character of Nightmare Moon. But she is also selfish and self-centered, and I believe she would seriously underestimate a non-magical opponent. That's why I wrote that chapter the way I did.

Featured? Where? And again? I didn't know I was featured once!

its a very nice story and hopefully you will continue it masterfully forward :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

ps: spike with a moustache :moustache: and twilight being annoyed :facehoof:

pps: keep up the good work:heart:

Why thank you! I appreciate the compliment! There's still a lot more of this story to show, including a battle with the Mane Six towards the end, and I hope you (and al the other readers) enjoy it just as much.

You can't leave us on a cliff hanger like that!
Can't wait to see more!

It's only a small bit of torture! I promise your wait will be over Sunday morning, a bit after midnight.

As always a good chapter! Can't wait for more interactions with the shadow cats!

Things are going to get crazy.

You dare to hide their loving from us!? HERESY!
Good chapter regardless.

Thank you. While I'm not up to writing clop, if anyone wants to write the 'missing' scene I'd be happy to link to it.

Woot! 50 upvotes! To celebrate, I've posted another chapter! To whomever was #50, thank you!

Hmm. Question: would the modified illusion spell hide their heat signatures? Because if not and the Marines had someone watching the area with a thermal scanning device then that would be a tactical and logistical issue.

I never considered thermal imaging as an option. It could explain why the Marines kept finding Nighty and Claw as they tried to skirt the edge of the Marine base, but would create a plot hole when they escape at the end of the chapter - why wouldn't the Marines waiting outside not use thermal imaging to catch them? I could say that no one was looking their way when they escaped, Or if I was to re-write that chapter, I could say they were seen but Nighty threw a paralysis spell on them so she and Claw could escape.

It would make sense to me that the Marines would use both night vision and thermal imaging, so I would have to say that the illusion spell hides their thermal signature; radar, too. However, using the spell at that level would radiate enough magical energy that anyone checking for magic use in the area would know they were there. That would make the spell mostly useless in Equestria but mighty convenient in low- and non-magical areas.


It feels like you just decided to throw in sunbutt to make the story last longer.

Its finally happening! Yay! Can't wait for more! :trollestia:

“Oh, um Josh. My name is Josh.”

Ugh, NO

Loving this story so much! Also loving the small interactions with nighty in the background!

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