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You ever wonder why we're here?

Circumlocution - noun. The use of many words where a few will do in an attempt to be deliberately vague or evasive.

Seems like a fitting name for an alternate clop account.

Expect stories/updates to appear here with astonishing irregularity.


PSA: Why Pluto isn't a planet · 7:32pm Jul 28th, 2015

First off, Pluto's really, really cool. Pun not intended.

Like, look at that thing. A couple years ago, it was a smudgy, low-resolution blob at the edge of the solar system. Now it's this gorgeous thing, with mountains, an atmosphere, a geologically active surface and massive glaciers made of nitrogen ice.

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Neat. Hah, just had to make sure I wasn't crazy for thinking it was RvB. :derpytongue2:

1624160 Now what on Earth would make you think that? (Here's where I'd put the lying Applejack emoticon, but it seems to have vanished. Bah)

So I was checking out your story A Clean Break, and I couldn't help but notice your short bio:

You ever wonder why we're here?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but do I detect an RvB reference? :pinkiegasp:

982423 I think I may have made a slight mistake in writing clop that appeals to smart people.

As with horizon, who already raised a very good point in his blog comment, you've raised a decent point here, except on the genetic basis. If you have a genderswapped copy of yourself, the only thing that'll differ genetically will be the sex chromosomes, which, except in the case of X-linked traits, have very little effect on visible phenotype.

But you raise good points on the psychological and quantum aspects.

Your use of quantum mechanics as a basis for the humourous parts of the story really appealed to me; the same trains of thought especially. Though I'm not sure a continuation would necessitate a violation of any physical laws in regards to quantum mechanics. What you've effectively created is an overlap between two already disparate quantum realities - I'm assuming the whole "conflict of quantum interest" stems from the Many-worlds interpretation?

Keep in mind that given the gender reversal the two realities diverged long ago, or at the very latest Twilight/Dusk's conception. And from the moment they first interacted, every decision resulted in a plethora alternate universes - including one (of many) where Dusk/Twilight failed to return home.

As far as the psychology of dating one's self goes, I'd think the gender differences alone would create sufficient difference in mindset for those to be a non-issue. I'd also argue that if their parents were also gender-swapped (as was the rest of their respective universes) that the genetic differences ought to be more than gender deep. After all, as a result of the gender swap, they'd have four genetically distinct progenitors.

Anyway, I'm rambling, and probably sucking all the fun out of this... I'm just trying to make it seem feasible. Can you tell I'd really like to see more of this?

Personally I'd urge you to avoid simply retelling the same story from Dusk's perspective. I'd suggest either a sequel of some sort, either direct to the first story or perhaps with another character somehow encountering their "duplicate". Or you could even explore a different quantum reality where the outcome was somewhat different to the first story's ending?

The possibilities are endless.

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