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Started watching midway through the first season. Started writing not long before the beginning of the last.

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The appeal of Derpy - a theory. · 11:48pm February 15th

Of course, plenty of people have their own reasons for liking Miss Walleyes, but I think I've hit on one of them. The Mane 6 (and especially Twilight) are, well, pretty gifted ponies, and privileged too - oh, not that they don't work plenty hard for their success, but they were never going to be "just another pony" from the moment they bonded to the Elements, and several - maybe all - are exceptional individuals besides. Derpy, on the other hand, is an everypony, more notable for her

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Remember the first comment I posted here? Where I said that I don’t like the Grogar twist, Cozy being turned to stone, the three part finale and that I regret becoming toxic. While also a hypocrite.

To be honest, I don't actually remember what you were like before? Perhaps others won't either.

Hello Latecomer can I ask you a question? Here it is, the next time I decide to join a group or post something. Do you mind telling people that I changed 6 months from before.

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