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(T>B) Alternate EEA idea · 7:54pm Sep 18th, 2022

From a post in this thread https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214033/era/thread/494039/how-would-you-fix-chancellor-neighsay (not mine) which also holds further discussion.

My fix idea for the EEA in School Daze is to expand them - instead of one pony there's a three-pony committee, one of each tribe and not all the same gender. I do realise that's a big ask in an episode already introducing several new leads, so I can cut down to two if needed... but I do need two.

Of the three, we have:

  • The unicorn, an old teacher of Twilight's from CSGU and very supportive and proud of their former pupil. They're the one with the racial "concerns", which end up creating a rift between them and Twilight. (One of the key breaking points is when they blames Twi's "confusion" on growing up with Spike, who they had - unbekownst to Twilight - advised the Princess to send back to the Dragon Lands right after he was born.)
  • One of the other two is the one who's all hard-line on educational standards and rules, and extremely sceptical of untrained outsiders - even a Princess - meddling in things they don't understand. They're the one who will be convinced in the end that a school of friendship perhaps needs a somewhat different rulebook - one Twi and co will figure out as they go along.
  • The optional third one is a huge fan of the Mane 6, who's sure they can handle this just like they (insert grand achievement here)! Their ultimate realisation is that their heroes were winging it and made a lot of mistakes - the whole "feet of clay" idea.

Overall, the school would need the approval of two out of the three above (though Twi would of course want all three). So the issues form a real dilemma... does Twi get rid of the foreigners to secure her old professor's vote? Do they all keep from admitting their imperfections to the fan?

I'm not so sure where this structure would have gone after this, though. Obviously the unicorn would cause more trouble later - I'm not sure if they'd end up being the season villain, and/or having a change of heart.

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