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What if the events between seasons eight and nine went differently? What if Cozy Glow was actually good? Who would be there to redeem her? These are all questions many bronies have asked. This is my retelling of that time period.

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Question regarding the description (because I’m a literature nerd): Aren’t evil people/characters already disturbed?

Comment posted by HenBasket deleted September 25th

In a way, I guess. Just not here

Somebody just gotta write his own take on Crime and Punishment, but with Cozy

I do admitr Cozy Glow being sent there was seemly over the top. Till the last of the series, and showed she was beyond help.
But I do love this idea you are writing down, and love to see where it goes.

It is a AU version of the main plot.

I hope their message is given to Princess Celestia as well, seems she taught Twilight too well in handling problems. Either banish and leave it to someone else to handle or just banish it.
Like she did with Luna, that why she lost the ability to use the elements.

Well, that would depend on your own philosophical beliefs. Is everyone who does evil things mentally unstable, or can people make the choice to be good or bad?

I think people still have choices but to want to do bad things for personal gain still makes the person a bit mentally unstable, even if they aren’t diagnosed with anything.

I feeeeel like you should calm down from the swear words, cuz that was pretty rough.

I mean two F bombs make a movie R... So should this be mature then?

That’s only in the US. In many other countries, swearing doesn’t have the same impact on rating

awww so cute ^_^

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