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Twilight wants so desperately to make it up to Moondancer, and hopefully reconcile their friendship, but unfortunately, things just don't go how Twilight hoped it would.

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At this point Moondancer is being an immature brat so I don't see her getting a restraining order from a Princess.


Whether or not she's immature, she still has civil rights to restrain Twilight from harassing her. Anyway, the restraining order is only a MIGHT.

she said she was going to attempt to do it anyway


No, she said

maybe I’ll do that anyway.

The story's over and it's up to you and others to feel what you want happen in the end.

Just like this story... https://www.fimfiction.net/story/472209/forgiveness-denied

Pete100 #5 · Dec 26th, 2021 · · 11 ·

I feel like this is a great lesson for twilight. You can’t always push forgiveness or friendship on to someone. Sometimes wounds are too large to heal and sometimes that person just doesn’t care. That person will open up when ready.



-Some scars can take a very long time to heal
-And some scars just NEVER heal (even with time)

Nothing is super solid that it lasts forever, (And that includes friendship)

Moondancer can't change how she feels simply because Twilight wants her to, and that goes for everyone. And trying to force your ways on them can only cause more harm than help.

It's always fun to see what if you had characters who don't go through with Hallmark, children's cartoon reconciliation tropes being placed directly into cartoons where those tropes are king.

There are people who react negatively to being blindsided into social gatherings after saying no multiple times, social anxiety could really amplify how these kinds of situations affect them emotionally.

This got me thinking, I wonder how Twilight would act in Amending Fences if Moon Dancer did have friends but just refuses to be friends with Twilight and the others from Celestia's school.

Not a pony denying friendship in general, just one denying friendship with her specifically.


Knowing Twilight she would still harass Moondancer, determined to "win her back" only incriminating herself more. (Constantly harassing Moondancer to the breaking point)

As for Moondancer: It can be questionable if whether or not her actions are justifiable. They are understandable. She is angry with Twilight and is having a hard time forgiving her. (I know the feeling) But still she has no right to act like a huge jerk without justification... such as is she gets overly annoyed form Twilight's constant pestering.

I highly doubt that Celestia will give it to her.


Yeah, a pony being fine with everyone else but disliking her specifically does seem like something that could turn into an obsession for Twilight.


Maybe not, but she probably would at least have a talk with Twilight about being too pushy.

Celestia wants Twilight to help ponies LEARN and UNDERSTAND about friendship; not have it forced down their throats.

Even if some ponies don't want friendship; if they are not breaking laws or really hurting anyone or even planning to do so... why bother with them? they still go to work and pay their bills, they mind their own business, and they just keep to themselves.

What if Moondancer turned evil like Starlight?


It is a possibility, but it's not a guarantee.

People shouldn't be judged by simple things. Just because they are mean doesn't necessarily mean they will descend into actual villainy.

But judging someone, and wanting to help them, or put them in jail for fear of things that they MAY do or COULD do, and never give them their space... that's plain harassment.

As a concerned citizen, you have a right to assemble and demonstrate to others that maybe their views should be changed, but you have no right to break the law and interfere with the rights of others in so doing.

The same book of laws that entitles Twilight to demonstrate also gives others protection of life and property if her demonstrations start to get out of hand.

Too bad the media doesn’t understand that.

It kinda is.

That would be interesting.

If twilight bothers her enough, then yeah.

That’s actually kinda true.

Sad that this is one of a few universes where Moondancer refuses to accept the party to make up the one that she created years ago. This one proves that not everyone can change even when you try to force them.

Very sad What if story.


Well take a look at me for example.

I write these fanfics, and usually it's out of spite for the characters, and I do terrible things to them. But it's still just a story, does that mean people have a right to call me a bully, or compare me to Trump/Hitler/Satan... or that I'm "The reason humanity suffers)

They fear that I may slip into mental instability and do something horrendous, and that I should be jailed NOW before something like that happens.

...Are they in the right to treat me that way? (Just because they don't like the way I write fictional stories)

-Have I killed anybody?
-Have I broken something?
-Have I pushed a kid in the mud?


MLP never seems to deal in situations like that, which I feel is one of their dangers. Aware that it is a kids show, and they wouldn't want to do it, other kid shows I've seen have...

MLP doesn't teach concepts like death, people with negative emotions, parents in jail, disabilities. Their biggest danger is DENIAL; the refusal to recognize the existence of unpleasant realities, outcomes, and situations that friendship cannot fix or help.

MLP seems to be portrayed as a ONE-VIEW world, where everyone MUST be happy, problems MUST be solved right away, everyone MUST believe in the power of Friendship.

It's an okay concept... but it can blind people from the truths of reality.

Question? Lets say IF Twilight leaves her alone for good? And what if eventually, Moondancer actually forgives Twilight, but at her own pace, and terms. Will that help?


Yes,it could, but you have to keep this in mind.

It's like getting psychiatric help. People say it's pointless, or that there is no cure, when really there can be, The trick is: You have to WANT the help, and you have to be WILLING to try. (The Doc's job isn't to cure you... but to help you find the courage and strength so YOU can cure YOURSELF)

Twilight can't change how anyone else feels, all she can do is hope to set an example.

Remember, in the actual ep, THIS ending still could've happened... but Moondancer CHOSE to forgive. It's all up to her.

So if Moondancer eventually is willing to forgive Twilight, it's also up to Twilight if whether or not to accept the offer and reconcile.

To make a friendship work... BOTH SIDES must equally feel the same, and BOTH must play their parts. There is no Just one.

This also leads to another point... Maybe Twilight should only help those who ACTUALLY ASK FOR IT, rather than stick her muzzle in where it's not wanted.

Yeah and the pony with a disability didn't handle dealing with it in a responsible manner instead they almost got themselves badly hurt or killed all because she can't fly. Instead having her talk about it with rainbow and rainbow dreams for her and the fact no matter what her choice of career was always her choice and just because someone hopes something for you doesn't mean they don't want you to be happy. At least that's a better way for the episode.


Exactly... that's why guys like ME are here.

I'm not trying to destroy MLP, or get it cancelled, or bully people (I only bite if first-bitten)

I fear that MLP really brainwashes people (And there's been clear enough evidence for that) People have basked in the show and friendship so much that they've lost sight of reality.

So I make my stories to show the DARK SIDE of things.

True, I also do it to spite the characters (But I'm just spiting them, not the fans of the show. The only people I do truly try to spite are the people who bully me... I show them they can't boss me around and tell me how to do my stuff)

Sure it a nice show and some episodes are good but there are times when I look back and wonder why are there guards if they never help when trouble comes. Celestia and Luna are stronger and more knowledgeable and have more life experience than twilight yet the ponies wielding the most important weapon in the kingdom are sent out on every dangerous mission that comes to town. And despite the fact it doesn't work without them they keep it in the capital which where the users live. Twilight needs to lose the hero worship pedestals because that has kept her from seeing the flaws in her heroes and realizing that they aren't better than anyone else.

Reminds me of unfinished crossover story where the villain comes across moraly gray. He tame diamond Tira even if he did kidnap her in the process. He made have robbed the kingdom but he he also gave just desserts to greedy government people who have power over others. Everyone who works for him is happy because he treats them with respect and does his best to help them. Rainbow dash really needs to learn patience because when he got there she attacked him right away because he wore black.


Moondancer needs a talking to than Twilight. She had three potential friends right there, and she cut them off because of one pony


yeah, well we don't actually need anyone there

Yup, that makes sense.


Sometimes, all it takes is one rotten apple to spoil the bushel.

yeah, well we don't actually need anyone there

I don't know whom that was aimed at, but try not to get too insulting.


Sorry, but it's the best way I can put it...

Many, many years ago... when FIM was still young, many fans of the show went totally berserk over it, and they began to hound on people like me and others to "LIKE the show, bask in friendship." or we were bullied, insulted, and even given death threats. (I was among the many victims)

they also were under the same (Forgive me) Delusions that Twilight and friends are

-Friendship can solve all things
-Problems can be easily solved
-Ignoring bad things makes them all go away

...Sounds like brainwashing to me. they lost their grip on reality.


if you did stuff like this I can see it. If you don't like something, you don't make it part of your life, you don't try to convince people who do like it they're wrong to

Ohh. So that’s what you meant. Also, was this when the first episode came out?


Most likely, I didn't start watching until 2012. but what I saw around Youtube was a mess...

Bronies were going about everywhere demanding people watch the show and like it, and learn to bask in Friendship like it's some kind of religion.

Those who refused, the bronies began to bully them (Insults, death threats, riffs, mocks)

You can bet that's how the Fandom/Hatedom war was started... by unprovoked attacks


They can LIKE MLP, but they can't seriously believe that Friendship solves all things, because it doesn't, and DEMAND other people start acting like them. That's the same as Twilight being relentless... she won't back down until you cave in and live by her ways.

If you don't like something, you don't make it part of your life, you don't try to convince people who do like it they're wrong to

Well people like me DON'T like MLP, does that give people the right to wish death on me and others for not liking it, for not believing friendship, and being told we are wrong?

how did you get talking about it if you didn't like it?


People kept throwing it in my face as they insulted me and mocked me. That's how I came to know of MLP.

I never actually watched it, and I already felt I didn't like it because of the thought that it promoted morals and friendship in a rather unrealistic manner.

So I started watching it to KNOW what I was hating (At least then I'm allowed to have a proper opinion of it) and if I want to write fanfics about it (So I can see what I WANT to see in it) then I had to keep watching it to STUDY and observe it... so I know what to change.

My main reason for coming here to this site was because it was bad enough people were stealing my works to post them as their own, but impersonating ME, telling lies and doing bad acts of me in attempt to get more people bullying me.

Bottom-line, I was provoked, just like Moondancer was.

I never heard of that. I’ve only heard of bronies being bullied.


That's not true, I do assure you...

In fact, if you've looked around this site, even BRONIES (Fans of the show) Yet they don't seem to abide by the lessons of MLP themselves.

-Always judging people
-Making fun of others
-Demanding how others behave and write

...Is that a true brony?

I may be an Anti-Brony, but I have better respect.

If you want to like MLP, that's fine with me. As long as you respect that I don't like it. The only people I bully are those who bullied me first (A typical reaction) But my beef is not with the fans of the show, the makers, or the actors... just the characters themselves.

What do you think of that?

All these thumbs down I get, (The thumbs down people who like my stuff and agree with me) and all those horrid groups the fic is added too...

It's just pure bullying, as is evidenced by me catching them saying.

"Don't even bother reading, just donwvote and walk away"

"He deserves no upvotes"

"How retarded can these people be for liking his stuff"

Some of them even tried to bully Tara Strong on Twitter and get her to hate on me too.

Are those the actions of a Brony?

They got tera strong involved?


Yep... they were telling her stories about me that were not true.

"This guy wishes death on you"

"This guy wishes to rape you"

"This guy takes child porn photos"

So I had to sign onto to Twitter to, to defend myself. Tara and I are on okay terms now. We follow each other, we've met up twice at cons (She does more than MLP after all) and I got to appear on the Ship it Show podcast with her and Greg Cipes. (She understand what I do is just fictional)

...Point is... you don't believe how low these scumbags go. They are not true bronies.

You see, ignoring a bully doesn't make them go away, it makes them stronger. If you don't stand up to a bully, they will never learn, and be free to continue what they do.

Are you serious? Dude, you are lucky.

you know, there's a deleted scene in family guy that perfectly illustrates why the show's philosophy is flawed


Twilight: Well you see, Moondancer, the key in life is to lie to yourself about reality. Smile through everything! All the bad things, well, you just pile them away in a place that will come back one day in the form of, I dunno, rage?

Moondancer: you're joking, right?

I know I'm going to get a lot of down votes for this...but screw it. I gotta get this off my chest. It's kinda Moondancer's own fault Twilight didn't become friends with her. I mean besides that one party, Moondancer never made any other attempts. And before you argue she might have did off-screen, I present this,

That was only the first time I put myself out there

And outside that one flashback scene in magic Kindergarten, we are never shown Moondancer trying to get Twilight to be her friends. I mean if episode shown montage of young Twilight and Moondancer being friends, only for Twilight reject Moondancer's offer to hangout outside of school and then have Moondancer decide that Twilight ditching the party (from episode 1) is the last straw. Then maybe I might feel more sorry for her.

Or maybe I'm just talking out of my @$$? What do you think?


You won't get downvoted, my haters only downvote people who support and like my stuff.

Well, that’s not wrong. That’s actually pretty accurate.

I'm confused as to why this story has so many downvotes. The concept of Moondancer not accepting friendship and not forgiving Twilight is a good one to develop. I won't be surprised if there is a lot of dislikes on this comment, since there is a lot of thumbs-downs here on a comment that gives this story any praise. I don't know why.


You have no idea how much spite people have for me since I don't conform to their ways in writing or in life-- I post one thing, it gets down-voted horrendously.

Some of them even go as far to bully people who LIKE my stuff or encourage me. They even bullied Tara Strong for having a mutual friendship with me.

Bottom-line: People are toxic. Hence the downvotes.


You have no idea how much spite people have for me since I don't conform to their ways in writing or in life-- I post one thing, it gets down-voted horrendously.

Dang that sucks bro.

Some of them even go as far to bully people who LIKE my stuff or encourage me.


They even bullied Tara Strong for having a mutual friendship with me.

Wait, you know Tara?

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