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Don't be fooled by the huge dislike ratio (It's just trolls and bullies downvoting and walking away to cause trouble) Give the fic a chance

Even the girls enjoy playing the game of Duel Monsters, but they soon find they must participate in a Duel Tournament where they cannot afford to lose considering the many things at stake.

Along the way, they must content with what the game brings-- Change in attitudes, rival duelist, hard to control emotions, reasons why people duel-- all these things that could really test their friendship

Sunset also begins to suspect that something evil may be afoot, an evil that can only be battled by the game!

Chapters (54)
Comments ( 129 )

Are the two brothers Seto and Mokuba Kaiba or are they original characters meant to act as them?

This is certainly interesting. Some of the deck ideas are pretty interesting and they even explain as to why they use them. I guess the only thing that strikes me as strange is why you gave Odd-Eyes to Sunset. True, Pendulum Magicians work well with that card, but many of the Performapals have effects around that card (the Performapal Odd-Eyes sub archetype comes to mind) Even with Odd-Eyes search potential in mind, Pendulum Call, Summoner's Art, and even Magical Pendulum Box can search just as well.

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Fair thoughts regarding the names of the girls. As for the duel, it was entertaining, but I find it somewhat unfair that Rainbow's opponent won in a single turn. I get that it was to put Rainbow in her place, but it still felt like the guy was way too powerful, especially with a combo like that.

A very well done duel.

For some reason, updates to this story don't appear in my library.

The more I read this, the more excited I get for what's gonna happen next!

Some really good drama, and a fitting end to two really fun duels.

I like it, but how in any way is this related to Teen Titans?

How come the Teen Titans are in this crossover? There was no hint of them being in the story until now. I thought this was just a Yu-Gi-Oh! themed Equestria Girls story? I'm just confused, is all.

Still don't know who masquerade is. Give a description of his mask.


Did you ever watch Yugioh Bonds of Time... he's basically wearing the same grey and black mask as Paradox did


Yes I did, and it was awesome!!!! Wish they put Yuma in though. Anyway, so masquerade is Paradox's son?


No, and he's not Red X either (To be continued in PM)

Well this just took an interesting turn.

God man, the story is getting good but why make Masquerade such a dick?

That was a very satisfying duel. Though I feel it would have been better if each of those bullies got to make some sort of big, epic play before Masquerade toppled them all.


Perhaps, but

-I was running low on word space as it is (Gotta keep the chapters equal length)
- I'd have to come up with SO MANY more decks and strategies and the ep would take longer to post (It's annoying enough as it is)
-And miss the chance of showing just how powerful Masquerade really is?

Besides, remember when Kaiba taught that bully a lesson on episode 60?

...Very satisfying.

You make very valid points sir, especially on the word space and deck idea fronts. Please carry on with your incredible story.

ok, I'm started to feel real tempted to just Power-bomb Masquerade into the ground. after all, most Duelists seem to lack ANY martial skill. Heck! I'm tempted to put him in a Headlock or a sleeper hold!

Man, there are a lot of random dislikes in the comments.


It's my bullies and haters (Watch, they'll do it to you too because you're not being hostile with me)

It's a miserable shame.

So Masquerade is either associated with Val Yor or is Val Yor himself.


I hated Val Yor... A lot! I still do, even though I loathe Starfire.

Yeah, Val Yor wasn't exactly my favorite character either. Though I am curious about why you hate Starfire.

4 dislikes because I acknowledged there's a lot of dislikes, that's so petty it's hilarious. (And now it's gone)

Oh, but we know they were there. (So cute, the haters try so hard and fail so easy)

That's nothing, I get all these thumbs down even when I say "thank you" or "Hello"

These bigots really have too much nerve.


This whiner here, I've blocked so long ago he thinks it's cool to anonymously flame me on my fanfiction account, I just delete his bitching and keep going at it my way (Knowing it ticks him off)

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You should give Masquerade Yubel.


I'd like to give him my own deck, except he doesn't duel with Extra Deck monsters (And I prefer my strategy kept secret to those I haven't played)

Besides, I used Yubel once in a previous set of duel fics.


I once made a series of Yugioh Stories that crossed over with TOTTALLY SPIES, and THE AMAZING SPIEZ...

In season 4, YUBEL was the main antagonist, and trying to free the Sacred Beasts.


Well it's not up yet, I've been meaning to repost it, but it is just as good...


did you accidentally block me? It says I can't private message you...

Welp, that's what the Mayor gets for Turning the City into a Boring Business-Only place.

I don't like things that are Business-Only anyways.


and it's also what the people get for going along with and supporting him

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And get this... I've come this far, and the fic's not even halfway through yet...

LONG way to go yet (I may take a hiatus break down the road)

This is really good and I already have thoughts on who Masquerade and Karle are too. Like, 90-95% percent sure.


Still not even halfway done yet... (this could take a LONG while)

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