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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site


From where E-Quest left off... The girls, the adults, the Titans, and Masquerade have been plunged into the Malefic World by their enemies, The Prince Brothers, and where the dueling stakes are far higher than expected, and also their friendships may not be enough pull them through all the other nasty surprises that await them!

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Nice recap, dude. Can't wait for the real story.

I'm very excited for this to start.


Trust me, it's not like that.

I post one chapter and it gets 14-30 downvotes in a single night


Trust me... it won't last

Now that was pretty damn epic

Calling it now: Karle manifested into her own entity when they entered the Malefic Realm.

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Hey man. Just wanted to say great job with the duels. Especially the ones with Vic and AJ.

Can't have Predaplants without Starving Venom.


Well actually, you can... 2 DARK monsters on the field, except Tokens to summon him. But he does go well with Predaplants, you're right

Edit: Will you haters PISS OFF with your petty dislikes!

So I'm gonna go to sleep. We'll talk soon.

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