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Spoilers for "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You"
Also has a side of some previous episodes before this one.

Spike helps out Rarity and engages in a pleasant conversation with her. He also notices something different about the fashionista. More specifically...her changed mane.

Written for the Make Rarity Not Garbage contest from The Barcast group.

Not gonna win, but might as well enter to be polite.

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Comments ( 10 )

Quite astounding to churn out such a tale in such a very short period of time. You definitely have some great talent to pain such a delightful picture of what happened in today's episode in a fun, fan fiction way. Way to go!

It'd be better if you left out your feelings about losing the contest. You should really give yourself more credit. Not many could churn out a tale based on a new episode so quickly and so well. It was a nice sequence of heartwarming scenes that allowed fun development of Spike and Rarity's "Friendship". That little encounter with Sweetie Belle at the end was super adorable, too. :)

Nice to see I'm not the only one who wrote a Sparity fimfic, after watching the latest episode.

Good luck in the contest.


rarity is grabage, she's the kind of person who thinks men are just "uncivilized women that need a lady to break them down" and cares more about appearance than actual personality


I'm suprized you still like rarity after the last episode, especially considered it proved that rarity is an awful, shallow being living in a constant double standard

Nice to see I wasn't the only one who had this idea of what Spike thought. /)

Okay, this was just adorable and sweet.:twilightsmile:

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