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[ SPOILERS FOR SEASON 7, EPISODE 14: Fame and Misfortune ]

The Mane 6 tried to reason with a bunch of angry/arguing ponies with a song. They failed.

Spike tried to reason with changeling-hating ponies with a song. He succeeded.

For once in their life, the Mane 6 desperately ask for Spike's advice.

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The concept by itself has potential, however you could write a better end. The part of discussion about Spike was really interesting. And I think you would add more things. But it was good fiction for read just for a laugh or two.

"Is it true that you don't mind the fact that changelings look like Skittles?!!!"

I sadly most agree with this question, they were nicer looking when they were evil.

While the concept is definitely funny and could be expanded, I think it's perfect as is (minus the grammar mistakes). This is such a perfect counter-troll to the episode, and adds in all the thoughts about Spike that didn't make it in. And frankly, the troll ending just makes it even funnier since the episode basically did something similar. Nice job! :rainbowlaugh:

And I love the nod to Grief is the Price We Pay, you rascal! :rainbowwild:

Yay! Someone understood that nod~

That fic is leaving me on the edge of my seat, seriously. The way you worked it in as a "yeah, like that would happen" thought was perfect. :derpytongue2:

Yup, thanks.
And yeah, that fic is too intense. And just when things got more intense, that new updating schedule. :applejackunsure:

:raritystarry: Spikey my hero
:ajsmug: Well he is your favorite dragon
:pinkiehappy: cup cakes?
:rainbowderp: no thank you
:flutterrage: kill it with fire! maybe if you don't mind
:twilightsheepish: I liked it
:moustache: cool
:trollestia: I am Groot

Oh man, this was too rich:rainbowlaugh:.

Perhaps one thing they could try to deal with the townsponies is to give them spoilers of every plot twist in existence... starting with that Snape kills D....
...Nicole Kidman is a ghost, and Rosebud is the sled:moustache:.

Grief Is The Price We Pay reference for the win!
Nice follow up to an episode that sort of ended on loose ends. I found myself asking the same question after watching the episode: if a song worked for Spike, why didn't it work for the Mane 6? I go onto Fimfiction, and conveniently, there's a fanfic addressing the issue!



OMG that reference to Grief Is The Price We Pay was awesome!

Okay, some author here is reading "Grief is the Price We Pay", isn't (s)he? ;)

It probably helped that many of the ponies Spike was singing to worshipped the ground he walked on, even if they did appear angry at him at the time. :twilightsheepish:

"I'll admit, I was kinda worried my song wouldn't work." Spike confessed as he turned around with a sad look plastered on his face. "That you'd banish Thorax and I'll have to go with him and we both end up being wanted while disguised as librarians while Twilight continues to chase us unaware that she's becoming worse than the changelings, especially when she was so close to declaring war against the dragons."

Nice reference to Grief is the Price We Pay!

Heh, I remember quipping aloud about how the song didn't work while watching the episode, and wondered in playful sarcasm that it worked for Spike, didn't it? Why not here? :rainbowlaugh: In all honesty, though, it was a fun episode. Sort of a reminder from the show's crew to not loose sight of what the show's supposed to be about, and that, hey, they aren't perfect either, and never claimed to be. Kind of a clever way of addressing the many criticisms they no doubt get from bronies on a regular basis. :twilightsmile:

I don't think I need to mention the obvious reference at this point. :raritywink:

Well, glad you saw it, evil man. :pinkiesmile:

You can thank GSandSDS (8363272) pointing me in it's direction. :twilightsmile:

Oh my god, this was glorious!:rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if there is somepony named Fly Leaf in Spike's comic

You just made a reference to Grief is the price we pay didnt you? Just for that you earned a follower.

I think Spike was successful with Thorax because he kinda called those listening on their hypocrisy. As for the crowd, well...maybe they needed to try and shame them.

And if that didn't work, Twilight could always sic the royal guard on them.

Spike's song worked because the ponies listening to him were receptive. I really think it's that simple. The songs ponies (and dragons) sing in the show help them express their feelings and convictions, but they do not have any special powers of persuation. The crowd as a whole just wasn't open to being swayed in their opinions (though I imagine the song made at least some of them reevaluate their views or slink off in shame...).

I'm surprised they never came to the conclusion of just turning a hose on them all and making them scatter. That's what I would have done

The whole episode i was hoping someone would bring up the fact that spike just disappears half the time

> ...only to end up staring at an angry mare banging at the window.

When starting a paragraph with ..., use a capital letter.

I like the part where the caricatures of the fandom that got this show 7 seasons attacked Spike, it's just like their characterization in the Teen Titans Go episode.

The sudden ending was done on purpose, I get that, but it didn't really work. It'd be better if it had more buildup.

Eh, it's a little TOO troll-y for my tastes. "shrug"

That you'd banish Thorax and I'll have to go with him and we both end up being wanted while disguised as librarians while Twilight continues to chase us unaware that she's becoming worse than the changelings, especially when she was so close to declaring war against the dragons."

Hmm, I can only wonder what "comic" he was reading. :trollestia: ( saw what you did there)

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