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Lightning Dust has a job she hates at a small convenience store with some questionable matters, and that doesn't even include the strange and supernatural events that sometimes happen around it. Follow her on her night shift as she deals with weird visitors, signs of ghosts, and who even knows what else.

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A very good story. It's nice to see an EG story focused on a background character we see little of outside of Anon-a-Miss stories.

This was dope. I would be scared shitless if I had to put up with any of that shit.

This was a strange story, but one that I quite enjoyed.

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A fascinating tale of the understated magic of the human world, and of fortitude in the face of terror, all in the name of minimum wage. And I'm a sucker for any story that has Lightning Dust and Indigo Zap as siblings. Thank you for this.

After drinking some of her Alicorn-Cola, Lightning Dust poured some of the whiskey into the bottle. She then took a drink of the cocktail, enjoying the cool sweetness of the soda mixed with the slight warmth of the liquor. True, she should not be drinking while at work (especially since she was under twenty-one), but not like there was anyone to stop or report her. Besides, it was not enough to get her actually drunk, and even if it was, she was not driving anywhere, anyways. Just means she would have a drunken bus ride home before passing out in bed.

Hey, HEY! No drinkin' on the job.

In all seriousness though, this was a good story. Highly underrated.

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