Apple Bloom has always been taught to do what’s right; by her sister, her brother, and her granny. She works hard to complete her chores, does her school work, and goes crusading with her friends. Even when dealing with the taunting from the local bullies, she tries to keep her distance and avoid conflict; after all, it’s the right thing to do. But when she overhears a private moment by somepony she should by all rights despise, she learns that doing the right thing can be harder than it seems.

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:raritycry: This story showed me a different side of Diamond Tiara, the sensitive and sad side. I love how Apple Bloom put their differences aside to help her.

That... was gorgeous... I don't normally like sad fics, but this is going into the VERY small folder that I have of them, alongside Simply Rarity and Que Sera Sera. If a sequel was ever done, I'm sure I would love the plucking hail out of it.

What a great story. The feels were real. I didn't cry, but I felt like I was going to at some points.

Hmm. It is a one shot, so its very hard to avoid, but the turn-around does feel a bit quick. I am only saying that because it feels like a good story that is not very far away from having me gush over it. It is a bit of a cliché almost these days, AB and DT bonding over absent and/or deceased parents. There is not a single moment in this story that really surprised me. I thought it almost did at the end there, for a moment I thought AB and DT where visiting the grave of AB's parents. That made me stop for a moment, I would have absolutely loved that (probably if it involved at least a bit of a time skip). But then it turns out it isn't, I admit I was slightly disappointed.

In general, a decent story that I enjoyed reading enough once, but that didn't really affect me that much. Too many similar stories, nothing too new or daring for it to really stand out from the crowd.

i love this fic. it really gave DT somemore personality than just being a bully. i wish they did this in canon

That's what we need from DT... DEPTH. I am not saying we need her to be the most complicated character in the show, but I think having a back story and reasons for being the way she is would really improve people's perception of her no end. She's already BEST PONY in my eyes, but having the added attractiveness of a more complex personality and motivations would improve her even more. Sadly, the producers of MLP seem content for her to be a Hate Sink (See TV Tropes) which is a real shame. They should take a few tips from some of the great fanfics I've read on here, which do a brilliant job of highlighting her wasted potential. Yours included. Thumbs up... WAY up.

Comment posted by Baraka Obama deleted Aug 11th, 2014

I am surprised that no one has posted a video of linkin parks Castle of Glass

I will proceed to do so
my computer hates me, so I will post a link

Suggestion: remove the "m." from your link, and you should be able to view the video in the comment box. At least, that's helped me before...

4835122 no, as in "my computer hates me" I mean "My Ipad is completely incapable of posting videos to this site. Plus it hates me."

I'm assuming your Ipad counts as a mobile device according to youtube for some reason...

From my phone, I get this link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ScNNfyq3d_w
Remove the "m." and get this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ScNNfyq3d_w

Here's the difference between the two:


As you see, the first one doesn't work, but the other one does. (It took me a little while to figure out. I hope that this managed to help you for future reference.)

DT and AB were both put into similar situations but each took their own way of handling their losses. Applebloom at least had her family to drive away all of the sadness and feeling of loss but Diamond didn't. I guess that Rich drives himself so much into his work is probably to push away the thought of his wife's death, unfortunately this led to him driving away his own kid.

Only thing that struck me was odd on how Silver was just her friend because of how wealthy Tiara is. The show portrays Silver as not being that 'evil' as Diamond is, sometimes even showing some forms of good in here. Well, here's a fave and a like, keep writing.

Fuck dude. Fuck.

There's honestly nothing I love more than someone taking a completely unlikable character and getting me to like them, whether it's as canon character development or a fanfic. You, sir, have earned a biscuit. No, a whole plate of biscuits.


This stor deserves a sequel dealing with aftermath of this and reactions from the ponies around them

Awesome story. Hope to see more if there is plans too

Nicely done my friend, nicely done.

Wow, awesome story. Applebloom's special talent must be empathy.
And this fic shows that this particular (friend)shipping has a lot of potential. Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom's, I mean.

This was a great experience, almost made me cry.

I can understand what Diamond Tiara is going through, having her mom die.

Well... the closest thing I ever had to this was the death of my grandfather, who was my father figure (dad is somewhere I do not know). Though I think I let it go too fast... I blame video games and youth group... but even worse his last world was my name... why am I saying this and now I have to go delete a comment on a certain crossover fan fic involving 2 cat blue and white psychic type pomemon... :raritycry: :raritydespair: :applecry: :fluttershbad: :fluttershyouch: and now I am out of tears...

That was ... beautiful. Diamond Tiara's actions make more sense with one parent gone, and the other an absentee coping with the loss of his wife. It hurts, but this is a VERY real situation that I could easily see being why Diamond is such a little bully.

I will say this, if you do a sequel or maybe an epilogue (quite possible to show Diamond's changing), it would probably be well-received. Two brohoofs and a tray of cupcakes for everypony!:pinkiehappy:

you sir, get a cookie!:twilightsmile:

This is a cutesy wootsy, filly fulfilling fiction. A bit generic, and I did catch some cliche here and there. But do I like it?

Yes. I do. :pinkiesmile:

Poor Diamond,no wonder she is so unpleasant to every pony.

Well done, Quillery. I'm not in agreement with the fic's portrayal of Silver, but it does work better if she is truly alone.

Excellent fanfic, man. Nothing but feels were felt in this Brony's heart. Keep up the good work.

Don't cry..don't cry... don't fucking cry *drip* BUCK

This is my head canon for Diamond Tiara's "other side". I don't think she would be so evil for no reason. Interesting fic, it gets a favourite.

I never really hated Diamond Tiara to begin with where so many people did... This just reinforces my reasoning. I personally felt that there'd have to be a reason for it deep down and this story did it very, very well. :) Well done! I'm definitely adding this to my favorites.


Yeah... This must be a really good story to make my eyes water with liquid pride!:pinkiesad2:

There really should be a sequel to this masterpiece, The story was pretty good by itself but there's something about it that makes me want more. This story was great. Even if you don't make a sequel I'll still check out your works anyway. Great Job!

I will never get tired of fics that make me like the pony I hate most.

Sadly, as good as this fic is, it couldn't be more off canon now if it tried.

I just wish this was actually canon, as being practically alone would definitely affect one's behaviour.
Diamond Tiara just wants attention, attention she hasn't really gotten (through good means) since her mother's death.

True, the show's version (where Tiara's mother is alive, and a Fantastic Racist), would also affect Tiara's behaviour, and seeing Tiara finally change sides and go against her is rather neat to see; I just think this fanfic handles Tiara's personality and attention-seeking better, make her more sympathetic and stuff.

Ah well, that's why I love fanfics - providing alternate angles and interpretations of canon characters and events.

Wow! This was a great read! Awesome job! :ajsmug::twilightsmile:

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