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A good depiction of a very sensitive subject. And, she certainly ran to the right address..... :twistnerd:

God... Ponies and people like that are the lowest scum of the earth.:fluttercry::twilightangry2: ...Wonder if Equestria has the death penalty in place? But all in all, this was a good depiction of a very dark subject, as 8189102 put it.

......Well, I have I few things to say about this fic.

This is a very real situation and it is portrayed very realistically here. Just as Snarky said, this is a good depiction of a very sensitive and dark subject; and you handled it with the best of care. As for the characterization, I'd say you nailed Spoiled Rich; sick as it is, I can totally see her being like that (Screw that evil broad :flutterrage:). As for Filthy Rich, obviously, he would NEVER do that! I hate seeing characters be demonized... But I understand that it was necessary for the story and message (Plus, I'm not exactly attached to the character anyway). Besides, this is obviously an alternate universe. So, I'll give it a pass.

Also, I love how the fic reads like a poem and I think it's fitting with the material. And, of course, I love how, despite how sick, heartbreaking and depressing it starts out, It ends on an optimistic, heartwarming and uplifting note that feels very real.

Well done, my friend. Well freaking done. :twilightsmile:

Good story. It covers the topic in a tasteful yet accurate way.

I don't really have words for what this makes me feel. The best I could ever express is a bunch of nonsense and gibberish.

So gripping. I was hanging off of every word. Super good. Great job. It'll be okay DT, it'll be okay.

I read this story, but I can't help but wonder what would come in the aftermath of what events transpired. Would Applejack and Big Macintosh go to talk to the Riches about what Diamond Tiara said? Would it be an ugly confrontation? Would it be resolved by the Apple siblings simply letting them know that they're no longer business partners and that they'd better stay away from Sweet Apple Acres? Would they threaten to let word slip out to the town to destroy their reputation? And what would happen if Twilight was informed of what went on? Would the others have to restrain her to keep her from storming into the Rich mansion and unleashing all of Tartarus on them?

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