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I haven't written anything in a long time and I don't know when I'm going to start, so don't get your hopes up for new chapters. Sorry.

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I had to reset my computer · 11:53am Sep 7th, 2019

I don't know exactly what happened to it, but after my computer started having trouble connecting anything to the Internet, the solution that eventually fixed it was to reset my computer. In the process, I lost a lot of my files, including the manuscripts of basically everything that I've written so far.

Bottom line is, I lost all my stuff, so at this point I basically am dead, or at least all my current stories are.

Maybe I'll make a comeback eventually, but right now it looks unlikely.

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Ah that’s amazing man! Can’t wait!

I've actually been thinking about how to redo it lately. Keep an eye out next year for something.

Hey man! You probably don’t remember me as it’s been a couple of years now! Yeah, so I was wondering if you ever considered getting back into knightmares these past couple years, still one of my favorite fanfics of all time! I truly loved it! Just wondering if you still remember your OG fans! Keep up the great work man!

Thank you for adding "Dawn" to your favourites. I hope you'll continue enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

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