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I haven't written anything in a long time and I don't know when I'm going to start, so don't get your hopes up for new chapters. Sorry.

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Some of you may think you know me. I’m just another name in a long list of kidnapping victims, the only pattern of which is that they disappeared from conventions after talking to an unidentified man dressed as the merchant from Resident Evil 4. No matter how many people he’s seemingly abducted, police and security have never caught him, or found any of his victims. I’m just another casualty of a world gone insane, fallen through the cracks.

At first, my only company was a Chocobo whose egg I’d been forced to buy from him. But it turns out I’m not alone in this world after all. This world is inhabited by ponies who can talk and have their own society. Some of them have supposedly been chosen for a game along with myself and the other kidnapped humans, though the details on this game are few and far between.

And we all have superpowers of our own for no adequately explained reason.

I’m starting to wonder if wandering alone for eternity with Karin wouldn’t have been better.


It’s back and better than ever (which isn’t saying a whole lot.) Taking a few old ideas of mine and combining them, this is a Displaced story with (some) humanised ponies and other things that some people might well object to and thumbs-down without even reading it.

Based on the gallery of this guy on Deviantart.

Too many copyrighted properties are about to be involved, so I’ll just leave it that all properties whose characters and concepts are used belong to their respective owners, and the only thing I own is this story, which I don’t intend to profit from.

Rated T for occasional swearing and moderately frequent (though not particularly brutal) violence.

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Being sucked out of your own world by a magic spell that can’t be safely reversed is one thing. It happens all the time in fantasy novels. It was only a matter of time before one of those spells hit my world, and someone has to win the lottery.

Arriving in a world where, not only are humans not the dominant species, but there aren’t any other humans at all, is rather more difficult. Still, the dominant species, the ponies, seem to be a nice enough bunch that they’ll accept a stranger in their midst. I think.

The fact that they don’t speak English, or even any kind of analogue of English, is inevitable, I guess. In another universe entirely, it’s only natural that they wouldn’t speak English. Though, the one who brought me here used her magic to learn it, so I can at least talk to someone.

Surviving all of these is potentially doable. But all those problems, plus uptight nobles, overenthusiastic princesses, a griffon with a superiority/inferiority complex, homesickness and insomnia might be one too many problems to handle. And the insomnia isn’t going away any time soon, so I’d better get comfortable with Twilight and all the rest.
Note: This is based on my own personal experience with chronic insomnia, which may vary to your experience with chronic insomnia or what you’ve heard about it from Fight Club.

Takes place a few days after Twilight’s coronation at the end of Season 3. Season 4 is not canon to this story (because I still haven’t seen it yet). It's only a mild AU, so no tag.

Rated Teen for swearing and possible heavy topics later. (Sorry about that, everyone who thought this would be appropriate for their kids.)

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You’ve heard the story before: a cosplayer gets somehow transported to Equestria, gains the powers of the hero they’re pretending to be, starts a new life with the ponies and eventually stops some major bad guy from the series when the Elements of Harmony are unable to pull through. There’s always some kind of catch, though, as a Leon cosplayer is about to learn.

Leon is the alter ego of a young boy who is contacted across dimensions by a strange being known as Discord, seeking release from his unjust imprisonment. Discord gives "Leon" a task, to steal a set of magical gemstones that represent the tyranny’s power. What he doesn’t mention is that Leon is up against not humans, but ponies; their magical abilities dwarf what little skill he took into the costume; and if they catch him, he’ll probably be executed on the spot.

With only a magical map, a (probably) fake weapon and a magical scar, Leon must evade capture by the Royal Guard and Princess Celestia long enough to complete his mission. He’ll also become a fly on the wall for much of the castle’s internal drama, some of which he may even solve. But when his inevitable capture catches up to him, what will happen when he’s forced to confront the fact that Celestia may not be a tyrant after all?
Rated Teen for some darker themes and occasional swearing, but no Gore tag because there's a lot less out-and-out violence than most of my other stuff. This may change later.

Copyright information: Leon belongs to Square Enix, the cardboard box belongs to Konami, the Marauder's Map belongs to JK Rowling, and My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro. I don't own anything except this story and maybe a couple of ponies who appear within.

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For the past year or so, Vinyl Scratch has been the star acquisition of the Onyx Pit nightclub, and every Friday, ponies from all over come to jump to her beats. Recently, though, she's been having trouble with creating anything, and her best friend Strobe Light worries about her. When she reveals that she's feeling uninspired, he tells her to listen to some music she's never heard anything like before, and so she finds herself at a concert. A single performer gives her the inspiration she desires, and possibly something more...

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The Rainbow of Harmony wasn't enough to defeat Azazel, a being from another dimension. Twilight and her friends sacrificed their lives to give the seal the power it needed, but Twilight was left behind. Distraught by the turn of fate, she locked herself in her tower, searching for any possible means of bringing her friends back from the dead. Celestia and Luna went seeking answers as well, in the hope that it could help Twilight.

After three hundred years, Twilight has read nearly every book in the archives to find the answers. A strange theory about souls gives her a chance to bring back her friends, but the spell goes wrong, and she wakes up in another body: a human's body. Scattered across the land, the spell does bring her friends back, but they're also in unfamiliar forms.

Equestria isn't the country that she or her friends remember. After three hundred years without any monarchy, it's nearly unrecognisable, but it's still their home, and they need to defend it. For there are still threats to ponykind from outside, and Azazel is not without aid from inside...
Liberties taken with canon: Equestria Girls never happened. Everything else up to Tirek is ancient history in-universe. I haven't seen Season 4, so any nods to that are (probably) coincidental.

If you click the 'source' button on the bottom right of the image, it'll bring you to the gallery that inspired this whole thing. However, I won't be using all of the ponies shown there, and I may change a few things or transform a few ponies that aren't in there.

In case anyone gets confused, here's all the copyright stuff:
Most of the characters belong to Hasbro, and these depictions belong (mainly) to Yatonokami. Cloud Skipper and Midnight Blossom (actually, most of the Royal Guards) belong to Equestria-Prevails. There may be other characters later who belong to other people, so I'm just going to say here that I own nothing except this story and maybe one or two OCs, such as Azazel.

Spoilers in the comments, just like everything else.
Unfortunately, I've decided this story was basically just not going anywhere, so I cancelled it. I am still planning to do something with the concept once I'm done with LAT, though.

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Celestia has been preparing for Luna’s return in exacting detail, most of which is being kept from the other ponies. Unfortunately, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Shining Armor wakes up one morning to discover that the entire Day Guard has quit, save for a single Pegasus named Cloud Skipper. Their reason: anger over thinking they're being replaced by the Night Guard, made up of a single Night Pony named Midnight Blossom. Before he can pull the situation together, Nightmare Moon returns. Still, one can only make the best of a bad situation.

But even after Princess Luna is restored, the problems don't stop. It's nearly impossible to recruit any more Guards, leaving the reparations in the hands of three ponies. Nightmare Moon isn't entirely gone, still haunting the dreams of Skipper and Midnight. Certain warlike cultures may notice Equestria's weakness and invade. And the old commander of the Day Guard, Cumulus, may have had other motives for his disbanding them...

Truths will be uncovered, identities will be questioned, and nightmares will come to life. But maybe, even in the eternal night, a light can be found and followed to the dawn.

Notes: British spellings used for all except names. Also, Hasbro owns My Little Pony, and Cloud Skipper and Midnight Blossom were originally created by Equestria-Prevails on Deviantart. The only thing I own is this particular story.
Rated Teen for blood and occasional uncensored swearing, but no detailed gore and no sex.
Written with pre-Season 4 information.

Feature dates: 17/08/14, 26/08/14, 13/09/14
Wait, how the hell did I get a feature by posting an omake?

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