This story is a sequel to Dreams and Disasters

Rainbow Dash has a new problem.

It isn’t that her relationship with Twilight Sparkle has diminished in the year that they have been together, even despite Twilight’s new position as an Equestrian Princess. If anything, the past year has brought them closer together than before. As far as Rainbow Dash is concerned, her life is pretty much perfect. That is, until she notices that her colors are fading.

In a panic to discover what is happening to her, she stumbles headfirst into an ancient secret dating back to long before the formation of Equestria, with her family in the middle. With Twilight and her friends, both old and new, at her side, she will once again venture out into the wide world of Equus, not for love, but for answers. About her family, her heritage, and the theft of the oldest artifact known to pony kind: The Celestial Prism.

Takes place canonically shortly after the Season 3 finale and well before the Season 4 Premier

Chapters (29)
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Comments ( 345 )

Okay so as of the last events Rainbow's relationship for Twilight is..... going down the drain a little? Doesn't... quite fit with what they went through in that story and what Rainbow suffered honestly.


Sorry, im not quite sure where you're getting that idea. This prologue is a flashback to RD's Birth, Twilight isn't in the picture yet. I promise TwiDashing will happen soon enough.

5484293 It's not the prologue it's the description I'm confused about. The prologue is fine.


Hmm, i guess a closer look at the description could make that confusing. I'll clarify it a little bit. Sorry about that.

Holy crap... I'm already on the edge of my seat. I'll eagerly await the next chapter, Quillery! :pinkiehappy:

That is, until she notices that her colors are fading.

*Cough*You're getting old*Cough*

Jokes aside this does look like a unique story.

Looks very interesting, Can't wait to see what happens.

This looks interesting. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Here we go. I've been waiting for something like this :)

Portentous start...

Looking forward to the TwiDash!

There was a pregnant pause


So the first two were pretty standard fare and now we dive stright into an anceint conspiracy tale! I love it!

A new addition to one of my favorite TwiDash fics? Yes, please!

For some inexplicable reason I didn't notice you had uploaded this. Now I have an excuse to reread it.... *evil grin*

So yeah, reread the first two tales to get me sufficiently caught up. But this hook is very effective. Tracking!

1) That teasing :pinkiehappy: 2) I'm guessing going color-blind isn't the only thing going on with RD?


if what i have inferred from the prologue and summery is correct, no that is the least of her oncoming worries.

Very nice!

Few things that 'might' be worth correcting.

and where there was cider on


Dash smirked as she popped three more clouds with a single thrust of her wings. “Don’t you worry, Applejack! I’ll be drinking that cider in no time, just you watch!”
She cackled with glee as she snapped her wings to her side and barrelled down towards the final set of clouds just above the pond. She could hear her name being chanted by the onlookers below, and that only drove her further, faster. The clouds grew as she rapidly approached them. In an instant, her mind plotted the most ideal route to their demise.

Need a space between these two paragraphs.

Other then those, a great chapter to a great story.

Very intriguing indeed..... I'm looking forward to this more with every word i read.

Very interesting... Eagerly waiting for the next chapter! ^.^

So glad your working on this!! Can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsheepish:

Freaking adorable great chapter can't wait for more!

Shit is hitting the fan... BADLY.

“Maybe a nice, quiet day with Twi is exactly what I need.”


Wow, that got real quick. Very interesting!

What the actual f*** Derpy! You don't have to be so bitchy towards Twilight!

5540231 I'm thinking Khroma has her kid as leverage. I'd act like a cold dick too if I were in that position.

Hooray, probable Russian bad guys!

The phrase "more than meets the eyes" seems to apply to somepony grey.

Cryptic speech! Guess this means we gotta guess what the hay is going on.

Interesting, very interesting! Really intrigued and anxious to see what happens next!

Suddenly I want to blow Khroma's head off. With a tank cannon.

All because of what Ditzy had to say about Twilight's rank as Princess.



(If you will permit me, this is one of the rare occasions I have something slightly more constructive to say other than just "good job.")

That was a bad thing to do narratively, I think, since it makes me automatically dislike Khroma right away. Having a new character come in and suddenly having them be more important than the existing canon ones is a really bad way of going about things. (That way lies like pretty much the definition of a Marty-Stu.) If this is as important an issue as it seems to be, from both and in- and out- of universe pespective, it should be something that the Princess know about (and/or the heads of all nations) and they should be involved in or at least be aware of the solution.

If, as I suspect the case is going to be, it's something hidden away by Dash's family it is very likely going to make them come across as arrogant people who put their pride as being more important than other people's lives - at which point I can have nothing but dislike at best for them and I doubt I'll be alone.

(That said, if they are intended to be the bad guys (and I mean "the bad guys", as in "the actual villains" not just the "the antagonists", then it's fine.)

Now, though, at this stage, all we have is Ditzy's word (subject to unreliable narration or interpretation), so it can go a lot of other ways, but the initial signs are not promising, unfortunately.

Rank as princess, sure, maybe that has less meaning than you'd think.

She's still an alicorn who can toss you through a mountain, move the sun, etc. That's someone you want on your side. She can probably help, too, what with the copious amounts of magical knowledge. Seriously, name me a situation where an alicorn wouldn't be useful.

Aww, Daring Do is going to be a character in this? Damn it, now this story is gonna start reminding me of my least favourite episode. Still, besides that, great chapter. I'm really enjoying this story so far.


in the canon of this universe, my author of the Daring Do series is different. It was covered in this story's previous installment. I originally wrote it before it was confirmed that Daring Do was a real character that wrote her own books, and I decided not to change it.

Oh, whoops, my bad. It's been a while since I read the previous story.


Hmm. So did Daring steal the Prism and not realize it was a bad thing?
And there actually was at least one other rainbow-maned pony. A background unicorn, I believe. But other than that…mysterious.

Hmmm. This sort of makes Ditzy Sgt Hatred to Dash's Rusty Venture.......

this is really good keep it going

Well... I think this story might have hit the breaking point for me...
I'm not a fan of Derpy randomly being an important character because she has been secretly some kind of guardian or some shit.
That just seems to indicate the entire idea of where the fic will be heading in terms of character use.
Dreams and Disaster was well done mostly in terms of it's romance, at least for me. This fic seems like it has a greater focus on both the adventure and the circle-jerking of Stalliongrad ponies, which was what I thought was most poorly done in the previous fic. I think I'm gonna have to turn around and give this a dislike out of principle, as this fic seemed interesting at first but has veered too far off a reasonable mark for me to enjoy. I may revisit it in the future to see how the story goes, but as of right now, this fic has lost a reader.

And I don't know what's going on already.

Proof this is going to be awesome!


She might just simply be involved in the whole guardian business and won't factor into matters at all.

Who knows, right?

5556656 Fitting in with the pony Amish.

Since the site formatted this chapter and the proceeding incorrectly during the import process, im posting two chapters today, dont forget to check them both!

Argggh. I loved the first story in this set but somehow didn't notice you were doing a sequel until now. Looking forward to all of it, but happy I already have several chapters waiting for me. :scootangel:

Whoohoo! One chapter down, one more too go! I'm gonna need some more after that though.... dangit.

So uh, what happened to Tank? I haven't seen it mentioned if he got blown up or what?

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