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Ponyville is being utterly obliterated by Twilight Sparkle, or at least somepony who looks exactly like her. She wakes one morning to the devastating sight, somehow having lost her voice and her ability to use any magic. With no way to convince any one that it's not her causing the destruction, she is callously sent away by her impostor to face her doom. Suffering through immense turmoil and emotional pain, will she finally find her ultimate savior not within herself, but within Rainbow Dash?

What will become of Twilight and Ponyville? Will the impostor Twilight stop only at Ponyville, or continue to go for a much greater target? And are the impostor's motives really as sinister as they appear to be?

--This is my contest Entry for Blundy's TwiDash Framed Challenge-- Completed.

Many thanks to a thorough and helpful contributor--> Senyu
Thanks also to my helpful prereader/proofreader/editor--> LightningBass94

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Oooooooooh. This looks like it's gonna be a fun ride.

I think I'm really gonna like this fic.

EDIT: Suck it Skeeter

Yeah I'm hoping to just put my heart and soul into this fic over the next few months, and really try to win. :ajsmug:

I'll just second what Timaeus said.
This looks very promising.

An interesting start. I'm looking forward to seeing where this is headed.



Damn, this pretty much outclasses anything I might do by an order of magnitude. Goes to show how talented people here are, and how I'm pretty far outta my depth with this contest.

Best of luck to you in this contest, although it doesn't seem like you'll need it.


"Suck it Skeeter." Eeyup, amen to that, although slightly more Canadianized.

3730664 well to be fair I did ask if I could do 300,000 words, but that seemed kinda like a bad idea

This looks like it'll shape up to something fantastic! I can't wait to see more! :twilightsmile:

3730588 ahh good!
I was hoping to get your attention:raritywink:

This looks interesting, definitely looking forward to this one.

It's interesting, but it's also short. Releasing a prologue without a first chapter is kind of mean.

3732467 well the first chapters going to be kind of long, so its just buildup.
sorry to disappoint you :fluttershyouch:

Interesting (as almost every other comment has said) But I'm afraid I'm not much of a fan of flashback heavy stories, which this looks like it's going to be. There can be no real suspense when you know how it turns out. Or at least most of it. Of course, once you've told the story up to this point you can once again attain suspense, but until then the story will lack something for me.

Of course, that's just me. Either way I will be looking forward to this. the world/internet can always use more Twidash.

3741275 i wouldnt really call it a flashback, more of a jump-ahead maybe. but i'm working my butt off on the first chapter as i write to you now :derpytongue2:

Got to agree, I'm not a fan of starting ahead and then jumping back; the story should stand on its own without having to rely on the more climactic parts to gain interest at the start. It makes all the action before our guaranteed scene much less interesting, and when the story reaches the scene it sometimes jars a bit.

That said, even multi-million dollar movies do it sometimes, so obviously it's just a pet peeve.

3741652 you're assuming however that the prologue includes the most climactic scene in the story. But if what i say goes, then it'll be small beans compared to the rest of what i have in mind:twilightsheepish:


Didn't mean it was the climax, it's just some point further up in rising action than the start I assumed. Like i said, it's just a pet peeve; it makes the parts between the real start and the prologue's scene less fun to read, for me.

3741791 alright, don't say I didn't warn you : )

excellent story so far man I hope you can update this soon



You are NOT leaving a cliffhanger there! Nononononono. Give. Us. More. Now!



God, whoever is the evil villain, is evil, evil, evil. This is good, I want more, please :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Surry deleted Jan 12th, 2014

Hahahaha, you cliffhanging bastard

3760309 oh yes I just love those : )

wow 60 favorites?! :pinkiegasp:

How can you put a cliffhanger at the end of the FIRST CHAPTER?! Is that even legal?!

3766043 my bad? :twilightblush: dont worry it'll be worth it

Ohh, I like it. I like it a lot.


A whole army of psycopath evil Twilights?

Ok, now I'm terrified.

And impressed. The evil genius behind this plan is really, really very good.

3777083 yes you might have caught it already, but i dropped a huge bomb of who the villain might be:trollestia:

Ok, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this imposter is actually Trixie.
Everything about her that we know just screams it's her, which raises the question how she managed to 'become' Twilight.
I hope all this will at least be hinted in the future chapters.

3777157 oh no, that's a good guess though:trixieshiftright: If you look for it anyway, i left a small hint

3766043 For adventure fics like this one I think it's kind of mandatory, actually.


Yeah? I have one suspect, but I don't feel that I'm right. Where is the hint?

3777262 She says something to Shining Armor which catches him off guard:raritywink:

My one question is this: while it makes sense for Luna to search for Twilight in the dream realm, why didn't she do the same for Rainbow? Even without the knowledge that they are together, it would create a strong lead to Twilight's position if she was located, and if she wasn't, then they could more safely assume her to be dead.

3777806 Luna didn't know Rainbow was missing yet, Celestia brought that up. I guess in my head, when Luna first pried into Scootaloo's dream in that one episode, it was because she knew she was having a nightmare and came to help her. Using this logic, unless Rainbow was having a nightmare, Luna wouldn't know to actively seek her out :derpytongue2: or maybe im just crazy

I yelled this entire chapter. CELESTIA YOU'RE BEING STUPID! welp, i mean you DID only know your niece was replaced by the changeling queen after twilight burst in... STILL! SHOULDN'T YOU PEOPLE LEARN!??!?!?!?! :flutterrage:

I was halfly expecting Ms.Impostor ( that's what i'ma call the fake twily ) to send Shiny off to where she sent Rainbow and Twi, i mean she was stupid enough to send Rainbow to her :derpytongue2:



3778155 Yeah i was really trying to make it not seem that every character just immediately assumed it was a changeling. I was going more for like it was an idea at the back of their heads:twilightblush:

Awesome chapter, MOAR!!! :flutterrage:


i can understand that, i mean if they all just assumed it immediately it'd kind of ruin the whole 'Damn, we gotta clear my name even if i can't talk' vibe :P lol

Did Shining Armor not use a single shield in the entire fight!? Also, any plan hinging on an army of clones that have free will is ludicrous.

3778338 Ahh, but they all have the same desires and goals:raritywink:

Edit: The reason they function the way she intended is because of her forcefully implanted memories. If it doesn't make sense now, it will more so near the end of the story.


Mmmmmmm.... Nothing, I don't get it yet...

3780068 after the story is finished you might just wanna peak back at this chapter and you'll probably go "oooooooohhhhh...":rainbowderp:


That, or I'll star hitting myself with the table for didn't see before :pinkiecrazy:

3780484 oh no don't do that!:twilightsmile: i didn't make it belligerently obvious or anything, it's really subtle


Don't worry. I have a very strong head :rainbowdetermined2:

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