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The Conversion Bureau : The Last Human Ending (No Spoilers) · 8:33pm Apr 7th, 2013

So you know, this doesn't contain spoilers to the plot. So you can rest easy as I continue to write this blog post. As some of you may know, I have hinted at a third part to the series of The Last Human, and I can definitely confirm that this part has been planned and is ready to write directly after I finish Part 2. What some of you may not know is that I am intending to end the story at this point. I may go on to create new stories in the same universe, or create side stories to better

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Thank you very much for the watch and for the fave on Aces High :rainbowdetermined2:

Hey remember like 13 years our weeks ago I was likes "hi blue pony!"? Lol also, i finally gots the story up, ermm started lol

111428 Why thank you good sir. :moustache:

24 watchers? lets make it 25.:moustache:

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