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Concentric Circles


Have you ever seen a pony that just seemed out of place? Perhaps some mannerism, some behaviour that just struck you as odd? Some piece of clothing that didn't seem quite right? perhaps a coat or mane whose colour just seemed flat-out weird. A strange build, a strange voice, or maybe they were perfectly normal, except that you swear you just saw the exact same pony not five seconds ago somewhere completely different?

Of course you have. Everypony has encountered an Outsider at some point. But never up close, it's always at a distance, and they're always gone before you have the chance to challenge them.

But sometimes the rules get broken. Sometimes fate gets distracted for a moment, and a lone unicorn mare gets to see something that she was never meant to see.

Twilight Sparkle's day is about to get very weird.

FAQ and Supplemental Materials (Potential Spoilers for new readers)

Featured! Twice!
...I really don't know what to say!

Special Thanks go to Horizon for initial proof-reading, editing, and signal-boosting, provided as a prize for spotting an Easter egg in his story Hard Reset II. Seriously, it's an awesome, brain-warping story and you should go read it right now.

Thanks also go to my editors for putting up with my atrocious grammar and spelling errors - Ganelon, Ephraim Blue, BronyWhooves, Commonancestry, Princess Autumn Forest, and Morning Sun

Cover art credit goes to EMedina13 and tamalesyatole. I am looking for more appropriate art, so If you think you can do better, let me know.

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I don't understand the downvotes; there are some minor typos, but overall the story is consistent and intriguing. I especially enjoy you exploring a friendless and less egotistical Twilight. Here's hoping you continue the story and shed some light on the odd situation she's managed to find herself in.

Well this looks like it will be interesting. Thank you, Horizon, for sending me over here.

Horizon sent me. And I'm glad he did. I like where this is going.

This is fascinating! I want to know more!

"Besides, where are my manners? My name's Rar-"

"Don't care." Twilight interrupted,

Man, Twilight. Rude.

This is pretty cool.

Goddammit, Someone used Outsiders/Insiders earlier than me. Though it is a pretty basic name that probably a lot more people use.

In any case, I am really enjoying all these clones. And ShutIn!Twi.

Damn this story is really interesting and so good so far can't wait to see how this turns out.
Keep up the work lad

A bit rough to be honest, but that is a nitpick, because this is a great story so far, and it has me intrigued and wanting for more.

I am very intrigued by whats going on, and I take it that this is quite a different Twilight then we are used to seeing isn't it. When I started reading, I just took it as it was Twilight before she was sent to Ponyville, but apparently not. Something about her past is different apparently. I assume we will be hearing more about that as we go along.

Blame Horizon for sending me here. Or thank him, you know whatever is appropriate. :rainbowlaugh:

Since I am on my phone, pms are a pain, but id be interested on the prereader bot. Also thanks, Horizon.

It's certainly intriguing, though the pace could use some work. Two chapters in with no explenation of what's going is a bit much for my attention span to handle.

Oh well. I usually don't read AU fics but this one seems interesting, so I think I'll keep an eye on it.

Sooo...This is a universe wheree Twi never met the Elements, never became Celestia's student, and never met Spike? :derpyderp1:
I can go with this. :rainbowdetermined2::moustache::twilightsmile::yay:

Okay, attempting to decipher the lingo:

Exterior: The universe the two Twilights and Pink Celestia are in now.
Interior: Every other dimension.
Falls: Fallout Equestria and any variants thereof.
Bureaus: Same as above, but with The Conversion Bureau.
Ruins: ??? Another fanfic universe I haven't heard of? Or possibly a corrupt cluster of universes.

You bet your ass I'm going to see where this is headed.

I have little to no idea what's going on, though.

full attention grabbed. (hidden just cause I don't like to spoil stuff) I am going out on a limb and saying there is 5 or 6 parallel worlds with different creatures that inhabit them and the 'inside', which is the equestria we all know, is the one in the middle of them. with a little bit of time difference between the worlds. insta fav and like.:pinkiehappy:

It appears you have my, and others, attentions by the balls. I'm too tired to give helpful notices to errors or give meaningful compliments, but now I am deeply interested in what happens next.

Alternate universes I guess though... this will be interesting indeed.

Assuming this isn't banished to eternal stagnation.

Ooh, that dark tag... That tends to turn me away. Still, I've been rewarded for pushing past it a few times. Perhaps this will be one of them.
I feel I :moustache: you a question, but I'm not sure what would reassure me.

4210300 My guess was that 'Ruins' would be Fallout Equestria. Falls would be where the dimension fell to evil with Nightmare Moon in charge or something.

Ooh! Speculation!
Gonna need a good stock response for this one... hmm... Oh! I Know!

Spoilers! :trollestia:

In the past I've tended to be a bit... enthusiastic in my forays into fiction-writing, and revealed too much too quickly (or just straight-up info-dumped), and it felt rushed. I'm trying to actively reign that instinct in and pace things out this time, which is why it might feel a bit slow.

Go ahead and ask it, I'll do my best to give you a straight answer provided it won't outright spoil future chapters.
In terms of the 'dark' tag, That was added because the descriptors in the FAQ fit (Specifically, the presence of violent war and death). I personally wouldn't describe the story as excessively dark, though.

With the number of people who have expressed interest, you can rest assured that I do not intend at all for this fic to fall into the mists of incompletion and obscurity (I woke up this morning to 136 Fimfic notifications. Spit-takes were involved.).
Currently, I'm aiming for a weekly release schedule, and have a few chapters already buffered up and awaiting editing.

I was thinking something other than Fallout for the Fall, but it WOULD still make sense, and keep the other for the Ruins. Both in turn could be true. I shall follow this along curiously.


By the way, if you're doing alternate universes, which you seem to be, I hope they are not alternate timelines. Parallel worlds in the FiM-verse probably wouldn't be temporally linked due to the way time is hinted to work. I tend to reason that they're more like reflections of each other. (Or shadows, if you've read your Zelazny.)

This seems interesting, especially seeing as this Twilight is so different to the one we know.

4211645 Sometimes I think we need a River!Pony tag just for the spoilers.

Really, you have my attention with this story. I'm really keen on seeing what is going on and where it will lead.

Hey, this is neat! Keep it up!

This story reminds me of a story idea that I am playing with. It revolves around the idea of the formation of an inter-dimensional organization, not unlike this one.

My idea, however, revolves around the quantum theory that there is a universe for every possible possibility, and by extension, the effects of an organization that can contact and travel to each version of their own world and organization as they form. In my interpretation, this allows the organization interesting tools, as well as a near infinite number of every agent. These agents then go into a class of agent, not unlike your "Sparkles".

The theory goes above the heads of my intended audience so I am focusing on the journey of someone who has no experience with such an idea being thrown into this forming organization, not unlike your story.

I for one am just surprised at the similarities of the concepts.

I just wanted to get these thoughts out there, keep up the interesting idea.


Now that you've clarified based on the tag's descriptors, I already have my answer! (Which is interesting, since what I'd been saying was that I didn't know the question.)

Oh my glob! I thought it was a story about PonyBoy, Steve, Two-Bit, Dally, Darry, Johnny, Soda and other people till I read description!

just one question. is there time dilation between the different worlds or what?

Well, this seems to be an interesting idea, will follow. Let's see where this ride takes us... :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. It's good to see someone starting something new.

So... this has potential! :pinkiehappy:

Favorite and upvote. Looking forward to more! :moustache:

4210300 4211444
My guess is that "Outside" is more literal than that: these particular ponies have discovered some mechanism for breaking out of traditional spacetime and their home base is in someplace at right angles to reality. "Inside" would then refer to when they have reinserted themselves into an Equestrian timeline.

Ooh, I didn't even think of Fall, Bureau, Ruins etc. as referring to other story universes. They're semi-generic words and I could see them going either way, but it's an interesting interpretation.

Hey, this is interesting! You have my attention! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, poor pre-elements Twi. Guess this was a reality where Sunset Shimmer didn't go running off, hehe. :derpytongue2:

4224015 Try the Clock Repair Shop in Ponyville, ask a stallion named TimeTurner about it. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Nice hook chapter!

I only just found this and it seems... intriguing. Right now it's just in the 'wtf is going on?' stage, but it's done a good job at that. Hopefully it stays interesting once we start getting some explanations.

Two places called "Inside" and "Outside". A Celestia that is not a princess. Can return home but not permanently.

Twilight will probably be some sort of "Chosen One" to save them all.

Why do I think of The Matrix?

Uh oh, this can only go swimmingly. :D Murphy's law, Twilight Two, Murphy's law.


(I woke up this morning to 136 Fimfic notifications. Spit-takes were involved.).

Well, you DID get a signal boost from a pretty high source :rainbowwild: The fact that you got notifications shows you did well enough to keep them :D

4210300 Huh. Wow, that stuff didn't even occur to me. On second thought though, I'm thinking that the Outside refers to the toys (hence it's "outside" the show and related fictions). After all, Pinklestia, or Celestia Alpha, was the first one to "Arrive".

*Edit* And on third thought...

Have you ever seen a pony that just seemed out of place? [...] A strange build, a strange voice, or maybe they were perfectly normal, except that you swear you just saw the exact same pony not five seconds ago somewhere completely different?

They're Background Ponies.

Well this sure seem interesting, though there is the nagging voice in the back of mind that's telling me that you're ripping off The One staring Jet Li and Jason Strathom. Like that you give a date for your next update, reminds me of another story I'm reading.

Six celestias? What a wierd coincidence.And she has a color.Tell me out of the six is she the more cheerful one?

Ok, so the falls is some kind of assured death area. That's the only solid conclusion I got on it, but I can't help imagining some kind of radiation drenched wasteland. Would fit with a name like that.

Now, this chapter does answer very few questions, but brings up plenty more. Obviously "Theta" was some kind of insane Alicorn Pinkie, but there's all sorts of what, why, and how that this brings up.

Particularly for me, what is the hostilities for? Each universe has to have everything a mad empire lord would want for conquering. What's left? Ugh, nothing can really be answered until we find out more.

So Walley-eye/Derpy/Ditsy and Rainboom/Rainbow Dash team up with Woona/Season 1 Luna to take out Theta/Alicorn Pinkie Pie? What madness is this?

A theta looks kind of like a balloon, I guess. I have a feeling it's going to be a while before it all comes to light though.

I liked the switch up when Rainboom said that line at the end of the chapter. A nice twist on the usual reference.

Every chapter just raises more questions, no answers! :pinkiecrazy:

Please sir, may we have some more? :pinkiehappy:

discord alpha reporting for duty. awaiting next chapter.

More questions raised here.

freakin' dammit, I want to have long talks with you concerning world building. It would be an educational experience, since I have a slightly warped version of your thing.
Wanna chat? PM?

And we reach the point at which I now know nothing more of the upcoming story than your other readers! I'm expecting, or at least hoping, that with Team 15 down a pony, our Insider Twilight will find herself unexpectedly thrown into field operations …

So, this is just getting weirder and weirder. I like weirder and weirder.

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