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You know you're going fast enough when the sky ahead of you turns purple

I am a very strange person. I like to think so, at least. I get bored easily, and when that boredom strikes, very strange things are wont to occur.

Many of these strange things involve ponies.

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They didn't respond either or they're also out of contact?

absolutely nothing came of it

Exactly! I tried sending him a friend request on steam to ask him about it but he hasn't responded to it. He hasn't accepted it, but he hasn't declined it either. I might try getting into contact with one of his steam friends about talking to him.

I seriously hate it when people up and leave without warning, it leaves all in suspense over their story, which they'll never finish, if they're going to leave and never come back, they could at least have the courtesy to dump the plot and say their goodbyes. It's just annoying; worse even is like you've said, when you know they're around and all but just ignore the site.

Hes not dead. Very active of steam. Only problem is actually getting into contact.

Honestly, that makes me really mad. Because it means that he isn't Going through something that could be preventing him from writing, as he's clearly to play video games, ergo he just decided one day that he's gonna leave this site, leave no reason as to why, abandon the project he's been working on, and just play fucking video games.

Please don't go the way of Eeveexpert... They were making such a good story then just vanished without a trace. Dobt want to see The Outsiders go the way of Love Lost, that is, being abandoned.

Well. Looks like you're gone too. Shit. Hope you haven't died man, and get better and such.

Why do I feel like your user image is supposed to be an FMA transmutation circle?

I was going to s8y that you've spelled your n8me wrong Aranea, 8ut it's clear that the two have nothing to do with each other, or at most, not much.

~Vriska Serket

I'ma following you, boi :moustache:

303490 Heh, no problem. I like funny fics.
Of course, yours goes beyond mere 'funny' and into 'absurdly hilarious'

Thanks for the favorite! :pinkiehappy:

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