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Big Macintosh seems like a simple pony who keeps to himself and doesn't say much, but there's more going on beneath the surface of this red stallion than it would seem at first glance. After his family urges him to go and make some friends in town, Big Macintosh finds himself meeting interesting ponies and discovering a whole world outside of his farm. But even with these new experiences, old memories and ghosts from the past resurface to haunt him. Big Macintosh finds himself confronted with something he thought he put behind him long ago…
(Originally written and posted to EqD in July 2011. Contains some minor plot elements and references to 'Opposites' which could possibly cause this story to be considered an "Alternate Universe" fic.)

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Ah! I read this last year through EQD, glad to see it here! :yay:

This is shaping up to be pretty interesting! Other than the (imo) improper use of the contraction, y'all (it's a contraction of you and all, so addressing a single subject with y'all is just...off-putting. to me at least. )

Also, maybe break up that massive text wall toward the top of this chap.

other than that, this has earned a track, cuz Mac is best stallion.

I remember this from EqD a while ago. :eeyup:



This is, by far, the best Big Mac fic ever written. One of my favorite fics in general, too. :twilightsmile:

Huzzah! Pestering authors actually works! :pinkiehappy:

Glad to see your works here :twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks for the comments guys! :pinkiehappy: It was a lot of fun to write and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :)



Oops! Chapter 3 was supposed to be included with yesterday's post! :derpyderp1:
Have it now :twilightblush:

This is a great fic. It's nice to see Big Mac doing something other than saying "Eyup" all the time. :eeyup: Also, was that a 'The Horror, The Horror' reference I saw in the previous chapter?

So glad to see this here... this was probably the first Pony-Fic I ever LOVED. Stayed up all night and read the whole beast in one sitting, it was that good. Best slice-of-life fic ever!

I do enjoy this here story about The Big:eeyup:. Do please continue...

Aahh having the biggest in a group I know the feeling all to well:rainbowdetermined2:

Glad to see this is finally making it up over here.

This story is bucking brilliant! Take all my mustaches!

Thanks for reading! :raritywink: It's almost completely uploaded. Within the next couple days it'll be complete :eeyup:

Finally got here. Took a bit but its been worth it. I'm hoping for a TwixMac, FlutterxMac is overused to a gross degree.

Alright!!! This is my first comment for this story because I can't keep up with your posting! (Not that I'm complaining, that is a good thing). I've like this story the whole way and I just can't stop reading. I'ts 2 in the morning and I have no regrets. Looking forward to the next chapter! :yay:YAY!

Alright, it's here!

This was the story that hooked me into the world of FIM.

This, and My Little Avenger.

this is one great story :)... Lets find the rest on EQD :D I can't wait for the rest!

I'm glad to hear you don't have father issues. It always pains me to meet people who do as I always looked up to mine. Such a great story and I'm so happy I decided to start reading it. Keep on writing and we'll keep on reading. Have a wonderful day!

Welp, It's done :pinkiegasp: By far the longest thing I've ever written. For now, at least... :ajsmug:

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading! I really had a great time writing this story and I'm so glad you guys like it :rainbowkiss:


Haha, throughout this whole story (well the majority of it) I was thinking "wouldn't it be awesome if Mac and Daisy got together?" Then you had to add this little cherry on top of your story and it made my day. Thank you much.

Lily is best pony. :trollestia:

I have to admit, the aftermath is the one chapter I don't like. I don't know, it seemed a bit forced to me.

Oops, forgot to set it to complete :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the comments, guys :pinkiehappy:

Well, the aftermath was not a part of the original story and was written after the fact and really is more like a side story than another chapter. Hope that helps! :raritywink:

Beautiful ending. A great story about an underused character.

Honestly, I found the speed of how quickly Big Mac went from being a relative stranger to everypony's friend a bit hard to swallow... or perhaps just the premise that he was a stranger to most of the town in the first place. He might not be one of the main characters, but he always seemed like a big part of ponyville life, so the original premise had me wondering, at first, if this story really had all that much potential.

Still, it turned out to be a fantastic read. It reminded me very much of the first two episodes of the show, actually, with Twilight making five best friends and saving the world in two days flat...

Everypony seemed to be in character, and the various conflicts were resolved, if not terribly believably, then at least very satisfactorily. Friendship is magic, after all, and this story had that magic in spades. Like the opening of the series itself, it did a good job of making you believe that miracles were indeed possible, at least, if you have good friends at your back.

I'm honestly very impressed with the way you wrapped everything up. Scootaloo learning to fly... thanks to a certain princess of the night granting a wish... Big Mac's figuring out the truth behind his own cutie mark... Rainbow Dash's desire to be a wonderbolt and the conflict between that desire and remaining a loyal friend? Even Big Mac's forgiving of Pinkie was handled in a very satisfying way.

I kind of felt like it had been angled more towards TwiMac, but I mean, still a solid story, literally one of my all time favourites. Good job man!

I was totally expecting a Big Mac/Fluttershy ship. It's still cool either way.

You know the teacher would keep track of evvery test score of every one in. The cla
ss and macintosh could just bring his parents to see the record of his B

The lack of views this fic has is criminal. It's one of my favorites!

Only Pinky could make exploding cakes which spew edible confetti :pinkiecrazy: Now that the idea is out there I want one

Pinkie Pie is very random.



That's 4 of my Top 5 Favorite Fics I've found on Fimfic!

Thanks for the comments, guys!! :twilightsmile:

If you enjoyed this story, I'd love to get your feedback on my new story: The Outlaw, the Star and the Big, Big Sky. It's on hiatus at the moment but I am still working on it, and need feedback, suggestions and criticisms. Thanks guys! :yay:

"...cracked your clavicle..."
Horses (and ponies) do not have clavicles.:ajbemused:


I read this story long ago on EqD, it's one of my all time favorites. Thank you for posting it here.:twilightsmile:

Amazing backstory. There needs to be a bag mac episode in season 3
Right big mac?
:eeyup: "Eeyup"

NICE! Little Macintosh LOL All THE CHAPTERS

“Thank you for your patronization!” Twilight called after him.

You mean patronage, right?

Big Mac is a flower, flowers are psychic!

5 bits says it's a setup for Mac's surprise party. Admit it, Pinkie WOULD go so far as to start a fake fire to get a pony to their surprise party

"I will hold the 'Summer Sun Celebration' right here in Ponyville!
It looked like a war zone.

I was smirking at the other ponies fainting, THIS sent me over the edge, I laughed like a little girl... I'm a 26 year old male, so that takes effort


Haha thanks for the comments! I had a lot of fun writing those scenes :twilightsmile:

What could be true of Fluttershy's wings?

I did not know that, but I do now know that, if a story is sweet enough, one can acquire type i diabeetus. It is only theoretical, but I consider myself a victim of sorts.

Mother of god. It's four in the morning, I've been reading this since midnight. I regret nothing.
Best story I've read in a long time.


Haha wow, that takes commitment! Thanks a ton for reading! :twilightsmile:

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