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Ember lived by himself his entire life, surviving by stealing and lying.
Ponyville was supposed to be just another job opportunity, but he will find things there that will change him forever.
A place for redemption, to mend a broken heart, and maybe, to begin anew.

This story is a sequel to Dreams in Discord, although reading the first one is not completely necessary, as there will be explanations to the previous events.

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Good first chapter, Im curious of what will come.:trixieshiftright:

this was great....can't wait to read more:pinkiehappy:

For some reason I love redemption stories
Keep it up, this has a ton of potential

This looks good, going to have to track it and see where it goes.

I Love this story ! Love Ember and Quill ! :twilightsmile:

OH NOES!!! The stone is hurting him! (or possibly giving him some kind of magical ability) :moustache::facehoof::twilightblush:

Or maybe the stone is making him poopy out blood!

What's up with the end of this chapter?

166734 It's sort of an introduction for the next one, I know it looks a bit out of place but it was necessary

Also, thank you all for the nice comments, I'ts the first time I try to use OCs and I'm glad that there's people who liked them
And by the way, I believe that this is what a pegasus bone structure would look like, just in case anyone is having trouble visualizing that
Kinda like the fourth one

156092 Crap... tried to reply to your comment but deleted it accidentally (the buttons are side by side) sorry for that
Anyway, I also think that it was a bit sudden but it was necessary to keep the flow of the story, I really don't want to end it too abruptly
And also, thanks for commenting, I hope you and everyone else that reads enjoys where I'm taking this


This is coming along nicely. If you just pay a smidge of attention as to where you are putting your inverted commas (" ") It would make the sentences less weird/crazy to read. And just keep checking to see if your conversations have spacing between them. Other than that, you are doing pretty good!

Good chapter. It took me a few minutes to realize how the end of the last chapter fit in. Also, I am guessing that the events with Twilight, Celestia, and Discord are from your previous fic. I have not read it, and I just want to be sure.

186800 I noticed that the ending might have been a bit too sudden, might change that in case of a future edition. The whole part that Rarity explains is pretty much a quick explanation to the events of my other fic, so anyone that reads only this one doesn't get lost about Twilight being an alicorn and everything, I tried to give the smallest amount of spoilers possible since I can't expect everyone to read the other one.

But I wouldn't mind if you wanted to read them both :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for commenting

Errors- There was a repeated paragraph and a few gramatical errors you might want to look at...:twilightsmile:
Man I loved this chapter, At first I felt like it was a bit rushed, I dont know whether its just me or the whole thing about Twilight is new... Welcome but new. However the whole scene with Trixie far made up for the pace. AND FUCK OF TWI ! Give the man a break ! :facehoof:

190441 Removed the extra paragraph, thanks for telling me, and I'll do my best to find the other errors. That's what you get for writing at two in the morning and not finding a poofreader (anyone interested :pinkiehappy: ?)
And sure; Ember is going to have a break. In jail i believe (does Ponyille even have one :rainbowhuh: ?)

Thanks for commenting

Another awesome chapter :pinkiehappy:


What the fuck is going on? Twilight killed Celestia? shes an alicorn now? ...
Trixie has evil powers now? Where is all this coming from?!



I feel sorry for anyone that comes between Pinkie and Ember. :pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie knows she's insane?
That's not how insanity works!

If he’s dead can we feed him to Gummy? I want to know how he eats without teeth.


Good story nothing wrong that I noticed yet.

Cliffhangers! :twilightangry2:

Though this is a good chapter no less :pinkiehappy:

i hope this isn't the end....i still need to hear quill's story and i wanna see if ember goes to meet his parents again!:fluttercry:
this story was absolutely amazing and i am so glad i found it
5 moustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

317914 No, not yet, there's still two or three chapters to go (although Quill's story is going to be a separate one).
Glad you're liking it, thanks for commenting.

Fuck. I just figured out what the site's April fools jokes was. Time to learn the G3/G2/G1 ponies name.
First! Good story you have here even if the updates take a little bit too long.:pinkiehappy:

392216 wait....is THAT why it said surprise instead of pinkie???:facehoof: well, they sure got me! :twilightblush:

what an epic cliffhanger! here is fives moustaches for u:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

CLIFFHANGERRRR!!!! :twilightangry2: But doin good!

CLIFFHANGERRRR!!!! :twilightangry2: But doin good!
Oh, and FIRST!!!


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