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I used to write. Depression killed that for years. I might get back to it someday.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to set two ponies up with each other. Other than main characters, it includes minor shipping (CAUTION: Rating may change as story progresses!). Shipping pairs include Vinyl+Octie, Lyra+Bon-Bon, and Discord+Pinkie Pie.... Read before you judge. The main shipping it centers around is Derpy Hooves and Dr. Whooves, but Pinkie and Discord get their own chapter. Enjoy!

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Do write more! You are off on a good start on this story, so I officially encourage you to write more!
I approve. :eeyup:

Dear. God.
Hell has been released.

Minor shipping

Four shipping pairs mentioned in description.

K then.

But regardless, this is pretty good.

1118616 Yes..... I do enjoy raising hell....:pinkiecrazy:

1118616 Yes..... I do enjoy raising hell....:pinkiecrazy:1118449 I don't usually approve of fluttermac bc i can only find r34 rape scenes. doing fluttermac myself is fun though.

I added a bit moar to chptr.

I'll be honest after reading the description I thought I was gonna get more of Derpy and the Doctor out of anything... But I am EXTREEEEMLY happy for the DisPie!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::heart::heart::heart::heart: Weirdest couple sure... But ironically makes the most sense... But how the flying fuck did he manage to get out a third time?

1161331 after finishing the story, i will go back and try to explain that. however, i can tell you the basic idea. pinkie has always had a secret crush on discord, even after he turned her gray. it was the chocolate rain and cotton candy clouds that got her. so after he'd been turned to stone, pinkie pie started visiting him, unbeknownst to her friends, and talking with the statue. at first, he didn't listen and wouldn't respond. but one day, she convinced him that he didn't have to be a bad guy, and he started talking back to her. pinkie was overjoyed, and this went on until a short time after the end of season 2. discord realized that he loved this mare, and eventually, that love gave him the strength to break free.

1164066 You are now my best friend for all eternity.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1164079 thank you!:twilightsmile: hey, i have a suggestion. you should read Inner Demons by Sapphire Libra3. its a great story. it is kind of dark, tho.

1164448The one where Twilight learns that she's destined to be the Queen of Darkness? I have read it... However I stopped reading it just a little bit ago... Idk... It just wasn't my thing... Not saying that I don't like dark stuff... Trust me, half the stuff I read just gets darker by shade.

1165701 I wasn't a fan at first either, but i pushed through and found that, in the later chapters, it reached a level of badassery that has so far been unmatched. however, some ponies just won't like it, and i won't force you to continue reading. i do strongly encourage it, though.

wtf?! lol i love how that goes no explanation for Discord being good its...so him XD
i cant wait to see him walk--slither into town and everone else freaks out becouse Pinkie is the only one who knows lol XD
oh that made my day keep up the work! X3

Fun story. It has a pic of the Doctor and Derpy/Ditzy so him hoping that will be the couple the crusader's try to pair up.

Please write more! It sounds so goooooooddddd! PLEASE!

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