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I used to write. Depression killed that for years. I might get back to it someday.


The Crusaders and all of their classmates are seniors in high school now at Ponyville High. (So they range from ages 17 to 19) Silver Spoon secretly has a crush on Sweetie Belle, but Apple Bloom likes Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo are secretly together. and Sweetie Belle is with Spike. Three romance stories in one!

this is probably the worst thing I've written.

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I'm definitely gonna follow this story, it has great potential, great work:twilightsmile:

Please write more, this is one I'll track! :pinkiehappy:

A clopfics involving minors (you said their ages)? Please, no. Not that I am a fan of clopfics, but I know where is the line that you shouldn't cross...

I like the setup :twilightblush:
Let the games begins :pinkiehappy:

1235386 They are older in this fic. Also, so far, sex is only implied. If the readers want clop, I will do it in a seperate story.(Chapter 1.5 or something like that, so you don't have to read it.)

1235292 This is just first chapter, and it's not finished. There will be more.


Well, you asked in the description if you should do a clop version of this. And, since they are still minors (depending on where you live, you are still minor until you reach 18 or 21 years old), i think you shouldn't write a clop version, since minors are involved. Yes, teenagers are often interested in sex and such things at the ages you said, but my point remains the same. Now, if they aren't minors (let's say they are at the same age the "mane 6" is right now), then i won't see any objection. But, being they minors, i can't see it ok.

1235920 Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are eighteen, the former being a couple of months older. Apple Bloom is seventeen, and I don't think that i would include a clop scene for her anyway. Silver Spoon is the one has a crush on AB, and since they would have just started going out, clop wouldn't make any sense for them. Her birthday will probably occur later in the story, so it may be plausible later, but for now, it would only occur with Scoots and Sweetie.


Well, what you say now doesn't match the ages you say in the description (change that) and I don't know if that matches what you have writen already (change it if is needed).

Since Spike is (supposedly) the same age of the CMC and all their class partners, I think it's ok as long as they are 18 or older.

1236617 BAM! Just changed it! Thanks for pointing out that... discrepancy to me. Now, they are the proper ages throughout all parts of the fic. You can now read it without feeling dirty.

Could somepony post a Diamond Tiara X Scootaloo pic in the comments?

I really liked how you ended it with " wanna go another round?Hell yeah!"

1238536 It's not over yet. Read my blog 'ah publish mah chapters before they're finished an yer gonna deal with it'.... Because that's what I do.

1235285>>1235292>>1235358>>1235386>>1235511>>1238536 What should I call the second chapter? It's about Silver Spoon's crush on Apple Bloom, so...... Something that makes sense.

1239067 perhaps "The Desires of Silver Spoon's Heart"?

1239222 Possible, possible..... Keep 'em comin'


I just woke up, so my brain is not entirely up to the task, but the first title that comes to my mind is "Not as easy as an Apple".

This is like one of those high school dramas on tv only difference is this one is good!:pinkiehappy:

1239222>>1239781>>1239833 Keep 'em comin'. These are gettin' better, but they ain't quite there yet. Fer the sake of addin' another chapter, I will chose a temporary title........ The DERP OF APPROVAL goes to................... Qos41 with the title 'A Sweet Spoon'. Here's yer DERP OF APPROVAL! :derpytongue2:

1252450 Can't... contain... laughter... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bucking love it! It will work for now. A suggestion, tho? Could u maybe do one like the scene described in the story where DT is lying on Scoots' chest behind the high school? It's fine if u can't. This one's great. Omaigawd, i see a wingboner!

>> I never drew this, Nor can i write clop, but i can write implied sex. this artist drew the ScootsxDiamond Tiara pic! MoonlightCharmer I can write the scene, as long as i don't have to write anything too graphic.

1258071 I think u misunderstand. I only asked for a picture of DT lying on Scoots' chest behind the high school. After the sex had occurred. No graphic viewing of genitalia. Also, they are 18 in the story, so 18 yo versions of them. If you could get one like this....:pinkiehappy:. You would make me feel like that.

I'll try, but it will take awihle, because i haven't got a printer or photoscanner, and i suck with MS paint.

When are you updating :| ?

1268482 Whenever I want to. Which means when i'm not working on other fics.

1240173 It's about to get more like a tv drama...:pinkiecrazy: you'll understand the pinkamina emoticon shortly...

Wow, and here I though my high school life was nuts.:ajbemused:
Very good chap mah friend.:moustache:

This is getting better and slightly weirder but none the less, have a moustache! :moustache:

1278597 Weirder is better.... The weirder it gets, the more fun I have with a story. Silver Spoon's secret... I actually felt sick when writing it. But it had to be done! The high school drama must continue! (I cried when rereading this)

1277958 Hmm, yes.... I do terrible things to my characters. IN THIS DOMAIN, I AM GOD! The power I have over these characters makes me go crazy sometimes.:pinkiecrazy: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

1277805 Well den, stop reading. If u no like, don't comment unless constructive criticism. Oh, and AMERICA!


Weirder is definitely better, I'm still workin on my own story extensively before I start to post chapters, suffering from wall of text unfortunately lol :derpytongue2:

Freudian Excuse is GO! :unsuresweetie:

1279054holy shit she's got a gun someone tackle her to the ground

Dug fuck just happened?:rainbowhuh: where the hell did the guncome from? Did I miss something?

1282231 Silver Spoon had this planned in advance. She brought the gun because she knew she'd use it. And don't ask me how a pony can use a gun! Just enjoy the read.

1235285>>1235292>>1258071>>1235511>>1235920>>1238536>>1240173>>1268482>>1277958>>1278308>>1280554>>1280559 I need a third chapter title. It is centered around Sweetie Belle and Spike.

Perhaps something like, "For Whom The Belle Tolls," although you may want to save that for a chapter involving Sweetie and some great tragedy.

Relatedly, a better titled for chapter 2 would've been "Tarnished Silver," in my opinion, since that is the proper name of the process through which silver loses its luster.

1289370 I've actually thought of "For Whom The Bell Tolls". As for "Tarnished Silver", will do. Change is coming.

*Reads description* dafuq did I just read

1296480 Correction: Raped. She got raped.

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