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Not much of a bio to be seen. I'm simplistic. It's how I roll.


Keel me. Laytuh. · 4:36am Aug 9th, 2012

Welp! They're all asleep! Time to go to FiMFiction! Mother of addiction. Hey, that rhymed!

*types url*

*new Rari-Jack banner*


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Hay man do you have Dyslexia because I do and it sucks.:rainbowwild:
But anyway man you avatar is LOL-abule .

574194 Please visit me on my other page. I'm preeeetty much abandoning this one, as I'm putting less drunk things on my new page. Look up, "Guy". I'm surprised I got the name. If you can't look up authors, look up "For Science!" by Guy. Das me. :pinkiehappy:

(P.S. I haven't been on much at all recently, sorry for responding so late.)


It's slow going. My computer decided to die on me just as I was about to start the new chapter. This thing just doesn't want to be written.

487495 It's no problem. I know that feel.

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