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This group is dedicated to getting Luna, princess of the night, a throne by her sister's. As you can see in the theme, Celestia is sitting on her throne, while Luna is just sitting next to her. That is mutiny! Luna's followers will not have this! The princess of the night deserves a throne next to her sister's!

When the two sisters lived in the Castle of the Two Sisters, they both had thrones. They would both sit in them and rule over Equestria. But after she was banished to the moon, the Everfree Forest got too wild for Celestia, so she had to flee [Said by Lauren Faust]. She then went to go live in Canterlot, making it the capital.

This is why Luna doesn't have a throne. She was not around when her sister moved to the mountains. But don't you think, now that she is back, rightfully deserves one? Hasbro, we will fight till our favorite princess gets one [And perhaps more screen time?]!

The stories can be anything involving Luna and Celestia.


*This doesn't count, by the way....

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Well, that's a common theme with Luna, isn't it? She represents the moon, the moon is smaller than the sun, so everything is smaller for Luna. Honestly, I'm happy she even gets one.

I have a story where Luna is fully grown, matching Celestia in size and attire (based on a beautiful fanwork of her I saw on DeviantArt). At least, Celestia confirms they are equal, so that helps a bit, but Luna still doesn't deserve to always be on the small side of things.

so, in some leaked footage of season 8 intro luna gets a throne but its smaller than her sisters, wtf! that not fair. i have a story where she becomes an empress to an empire.

400693 Needs Bat-pony guards next to it!:yay:

Good morning my fellow Luna Needs A Throne fanclub members! Today I bring you something very exiting and wonderful!

For all of you who've been waiting to see it in story form, here's the latest chapter from No Way Back (not a self plug but for your enjoyment) where Luna not only gets her throne but takes her rightful and well deserved place as co-ruler of Equestria!



But if this is resolved, what will the fans bitch about? There must be another way


My point exactly on the Gala. I thought it would be a good idea to have Luna come out and show her progress getting back into things since Nightmare Night. Would be pretty funny if she set up pranks with Dash and Pinkie.

That really should be done as a story! It'd be great! :twilightsmile:


I went to his page and blocked him. He won't be seeing anything more of what I type and I won't be seeing anything from him. :twilightsmile:

Did you see on Officer Soundwave's comment that 4 people liked it! Isn't that just swell!!

Yes!!! This is good!!

400693 Lol let the haters hate my friends because every comment they post only adds to the count showing how this group is not pointless and makes sense to have come up with.

My point exactly on the Gala. I thought it would be a good idea to have Luna come out and show her progress getting back into things since Nightmare Night. Would be pretty funny if she set up pranks with Dash and Pinkie. :eeyup:

Okay, the following is an excerpt from the next chapter from one of my stories but I post it here for the satisfaction of all my fellow Give Luna A Throne fans.

Celestia smiled down at Luna, relishing the loving twinkle in her sisters eyes, something she hadn’t seen in over a thousand years and which she was still getting used to seeing, again.
Stepping back and smiling brightly, Celestia held out her hand to Luna invitingly.
“I have a surprise for you”, she said.
Curious, Luna took her hand and allowed herself to be led out of Celestia’s chambers, through the palace down to the throne room.
“Hopefully they’ll be finished by now”, said Celestia, as two of the palace guards opened the tall and massive throne room doors.
As they entered, Luna, froze, stared at the dias on the other end of the hall. Delightedly shocked, she gasped, threw her hand up to her mouth and stared, a bright smile spreading across her face.
“Oh, sister!”, she gasped, “It’s beautiful!”
There, on the dias, stood not one but two tall backed thrones; one done in white and bearing Celestia’s cutie mark and royal emblem, the other beside it, an exact duplicate save for it being a deep, midnight blue bearing Luna’s cutie mark and royal emblems.
They were exact duplicates of the old thrones that once sat on the dias of the Palace Of The Two Sisters which Celestia had abandoned after she had banished Luna to the moon and moved the capital to Canterlot a thousand years before.
Luna spun and, squealing with delight, grabbed Celestia and hugged her tightly.
“Thank you!”, she whispered. Hugging Luna back Celestia closed her eyes and smiled as they held each other for a moment before letting each other go.
Celestia smiled proudly. “It’s time you took your rightful place on my right hand. You should have been there all along.”
Excited, Luna happily pranced up the runway and, laughing with delight, ascended the dias and sat down on her new throne.
“It’s perfect!”, Luna squealed ecstatically, bouncing with great joy and excitement. Celestia joined her, took a seat on her own throne.
“Thank you, sister, thank you!”, smiled Luna, relaxing and appreciatively settling herself into her new throne, enjoying the feel of it, a contented smile on her face. Celestia looked at her with pride.


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