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Our mission and goal here at the Raven’s eye is simple and twofold.
First, we scour fanfiction for stories that have received very little recognition yet deserve much more. Feel free to recommend stories that you stumble upon. Of course, we only pick the best of the best, those that really shine. Perhaps by praising the good, others will follow their example?
Second, we move forwards with our goal of increasing the quality of the fiction on this site. To do so, we post daily lessons and hints that you can receive by joining our group. We also promote discussion on the finer parts of the art of literature and invite the occasional guest to teach and allow us to learn.

To be accepted, the stories must fit within a set criteria:
-Less than 500 total views.
-Author: Less than 100 watchers.
-Must be relatively unknown.
-Must be of above-average quality. (Grammar, pacing, prose...etc)

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Sorry to be another one of ‘Those guys’ but I was wondering if anyone could check out my first (and only) story? I could use some constructive criticism.

Oh, this is a thing.:ajsmug:

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303113 X3 Meow! Hello again!

This is the link to my fanfiction, Numbers. It's a one-shot that could be developed into a greater series. I have no shame of self-promotion, and I would enjoy have more people look at it and tell me what they think. Perhaps it might even be good enough to get featured in this group!


might I suggest my own story Spike the Knight
hope you enjoy

I know this is a very typical thing for people to do, but i have a fic that i feel needs more aprication. It's called Azure, based on a song by a simular name

It's about a childhood(Or foalhood) friend of Rainbow dash who starts to develop feelings for the colorful mare, but is afraid of how she may react. Then Rainbowdash starts to make herself scarce... so the Colt decides to investigate.

I know that self advertisment is a stupid thing to do and normaly i wouldn't do it, but i spent Many, many mounths writting this, and even more mouths geting editors and reviewers to make it excellent.

:fluttershyouch: So... i'm so sorry for trying to promote myself, but, i'd really like at least a few more people to see this story. If that's not to much to ask, that is

Also, over 2 weeks since last commenter? not a pouplar or active place huh? *sigh* im screwed aren't i?:ajsleepy:

"Did you have fun last night?" a voice schmoozed in the early morning smog. The street-corner Overseer sneered flippantly, ebony stun-rod turning silently--one hand to another; another; another. "Because you look like shit, sablehound."

2:30 am: the mag-bus floated up-street on the fetid wind, leaking wet, red oil like watered-down blood. Reaching its designated top, the off-white transport slowed with a dull, erotic hum.

Pneumatic doors shifted dust.

"I dunno..." Robin answered, "Why don't you ask your wife?"

The Channel Policeman chuckled dryly. "Can't... She left me a long time ago."

Robin rose into place in the threshold of his destiny, but turned back for this man--brutish, brash, employed by the great gluttonous sinners of his world. The bus floated, and the Overseer stood rooted to his post, prisoner to mistress gravity.

"I'm sorry," Robin muttered. "I know how that feels."

The doors closed.

Kaleb's Critters

I would like to suggest two stories, both on the topic of feral ponies: I Alone and Our Eminence.

I don't know about this but SHAMELESS SELF-ADVERTISING! Also some feedback on this is much appreciated

Here is my very own, shameless, advertisement. The Brightside, It should fall under the rules.

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