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Off to see nala going to euro diseny · 4:27am Mar 21st, 2015

Jumps around like happy cub lol

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You should write a story about a messershmitt pilot ending up in Equestria. Then BAM story outline!

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

No new stories untill The Moon Needs friends too is complete D:
Also, sooner or later the ponies will notice Sin's forgiving nature (By the way, what Sin actually means is no stranger to ponykind.) And by this he let's them in on a dark part of his past.
Also, this story is so much d'awwww that, if I hadn't trained myself with "The Stone Ones" I would've problary died of a heart attack.
Blushing Luna is very and I mean VERY cute in m mind :3

good work cant wait for the next chapter

*Snugle Dragon*

are you...jealous Silver? *smirk*

ME Jealous of a wolf.....never it is not like i cannot got everymare i want unlike you......

i can even take Celestia THE RULEr of Equestria...you you only got a baby wolf

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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