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Rainbow Dash has always wanted to be a Wonderbolt, but all she's ever seen has been the glory of it, never understanding what it truely meant beyond the best of the best. However, someone she's long looked up to is going to reveal truths she will need to know to make an important decision...all the while holding back something even more important.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it. I try to put a lot into my stories.
Have you read my other stories here? I have another I want to post...but I think I've posted too many today, as the site won't let me.:twilightoops:

Soarin+Spitfire=Rainbowdash :rainbowderp:

you mentioned a sequal involving this story and the one you did with scootaloo so i just had to read it i am glad that i did awesome story


Thanks. Think they'll work well together once combined?

Wow... I did NOT see that one coming. Great story!



This story is also connected to my story "Like Sisters" and is continued in "Whatever it Takes, I Love You" if you're interested.


You're welcome, and I am interested in reading the others.

Nice story, love the twist at the end :twilightsmile:

Care to read the connected stories, "Like Sisters" and "Whatever it Takes, I Love You"?

So I read this and thought a nice take on the whole thing, unfortunately season 3 kind of killed the Spitfire, Soarin parents thing. Rainbow's father has a rainbow mane and since they are the only pegasi with it I would think it must mean something. So maybe her parents are descendants of some ancient hero or something but not Wonderbolts.

Interesting story and I liked the fact she chose not to join due to it would kind of be a kick to the balls of the mane six (Even though Twilight did that with her Alicorn Bullshit.). I will give it a like.

Well, this and all connected stories were written before that was revealed, so it's not really canon to this fanon.


I see, well I like how you made it your own, I like how you gave a good take on the Wonder Bolt. The only issue is everyone has their own interpretation of what it means to be a Wonder Bolt.

My take on the Wonder Bolt thing is sort of odd but here it goes.

A wonder bolt is part military part show pony. They perform to make money but also are a military unit as evident in the (Secret of my Excess) While they are mainly show ponies canon it shows the other bit to be more true when season three hit (Wonder Bolt Academy). Spit fire has some kind of medal and pins with stripes decorating her vest as would any military official of high rank. Given the fact that (canon) Pegasi were a warrior race they would be most likely suited for combat even in present day where for some reason there isn't a need for it.

One factor of the wonder bolts I don't agree with that most fan fiction writers suggest is that, being a wonder bolt means never having time for friends or family. Seeing as the wonder bolts mostly perform in Canterlot and Cloudsdale it doesn't seem unlikely that Rainbow Dash after practice or a show couldn't just go back to ponyville and chill with her friends before racking up for the night. Seeing as Cloudsdale is literally minutes away from ponyville with base flight speed (flutter shy speed) and is seconds away for people like SpitFire (Hurricane Fluttershy) I doubt Rainbow Dash can't just fly back down to Pony Ville or from Canterlot to Ponyville since by carraige it takes about 6+ hours and by train 3. Given that time frame and the fact that trains and carraiges are snailes compared to RD it would be safe to assume that RD could still be able to be there for her friends while being a Wonder Bolt.

The second notion for the belief that being a Wonder Bolt means being a no life is the fanon belief that the Wonder Bolts travel across the world and not just Equestria. If that is some how made to be canon then sure you could suggest flying back and forth between countries is asinine for RD just to make it to a Pinkie Party or watch one of Flutter Shy's many animals give birth (as if she would want to be there anyways). I just want Season 4 to deal with the whole Wonder Bolts thing. Because seriously what else could they put RD through before letting us find out whether or not she is accepted. I hope they don't pull the past medical condition or some bogus cop out to her making a choice between her dreams and friends. I want to see the episode give us a WTF moment with her choosing one. I think even though she is supposed to be the element of loyalty and friends are cool and all, I just think that she should be loyal to her dream since she had her dream first. Lastly I think it should take a couple episodes later before she returns from touring with the Wonder Bolts and finally quitting after missing X (whoever the writers want to provoke shipping with next).

All that said I still like the way you made Spit Fire let Dash know that her dream isn't all sunshine and Rainbows (pun intended).

This is one of those fics that, had I read it when it was first published, I'd have probably given it a fave, but due to events that have happened in the show between then and when I read it, I just can't bring myself to do so after reading it.

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