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Sunset convinces Twilight to spend a Christmas with her and the girls in their world so she could get a taste of what it's like while accidentally showing her one of the best parts of the holiday.
Featured on 12/17/14! *Dash voice* Aw yeah!

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Short but sweet. :twilightsmile:

Now, kiss!

“Oh horse apples.” She breathed snacking her forehead.

I think you mean "smacking". :twilightsmile: But still, a very adorable short fic!


Barricade the house, close the hatches and guard your candy-!
'Cause Santa 'Hartman' Claus has got his sweet tooth kicking in!

wish is would have been slightly longer, but it was still very good.

Nice, and very adorable.

...And what you should have done was to get the five of their friends watching them, some laughing:rainbowlaugh:, others with a smirk and a sparkle in the eye:raritystarry:, and others blushing and looking away... And Pinkie being Pinkie:pinkiehappy:!

Merry Christmas!

Cute little bit of Sunlight fluff. I could use more of that. :twilightsmile:

Seeing the others react to that would be good, but sweet none the less, great job :rainbowkiss:

5394546 hmmm i might add that in!

This is similar to my story "The True Meaning of Christmas". :rainbowwild:


I agree. I definitely need more of that.

You sir just made wanna do another reading again.

I had to come back after I read this so I could favorite :heart:

I need to get back to finishing my Sunlight fic, feeling inspired again :pinkiehappy:

Sunlight, oh I'm ready! :heart:

The lack of Sunlight on this website is disturbing... You have my thanks for writing this.

Squee!!! That is all. :pinkiehappy:

Sunlight, Twixie, Flashlight, Raritwi, GAAAAAHHH! Stop writing so damn good! It's impossible to choose!

No, really, don't stop. ...planning on updating some of your other stories for Xmas?

Love this time of year.:ajsmug:

Hey, look, an Equestria Girls holiday story that DOESN'T suck!

Dawww, so cute! And I'm not even normally a supporter of the SunsetSparkle ship.

This winter needs more SunLight! Good job, very cute :twilightsmile:

Adorable. Just adorable. I demand more SunLight fics from you. Not sequels to this one, cause this is good as it as, but just... Dammit, I need my SunLight man! I have a deficiency of Vitamin D!

“Now if you don’t mind me asking, what’s that strange plant above our heads?” She asked, pointing a lilac finger up at the offending object.
Sunset’s eyebrows furrowed, her gaze slowly following Twilight’s finger. She nearly choked on her hot chocolate. “Oh horse apples.”

"Now who could have put that there?" :trollestia:

I believe it's Vitamin V that you're looking for. :unsuresweetie:

This hopeless romantic hopes you hopeless romantics all have a Merry Christmas. Great story! :ajsmug::rainbowwild:

Mmmhmmmhmmm. Twas nice.

Very sweet. And Merry Christmas to you.:twilightsmile:

I have a sunlight story! If you want to read it, and stuff.

And to free myself from the shame of shameless advertising, I will describe this story in three words.
"Beautiful and daaaaaaaawwwwww:pinkiesmile:

5396067 mmm. I don't think so. But maybe there'll be a holiday chapter in the future for something else :raritywink:

We need more sunlight!! :3 :3

This was cute :twilightsmile:

This was very cute :pinkiesmile: A nice quick read I do think you did this ship some justice. :twilightblush:

Did you make this story longer over night? I could swear, yesterday it had a few paragraphs less.

Oh, god, it's that time of the year :
the inescapable "Mistletoe kiss shipfics" are already upon us... For winter is coming !
Except this year will be different...
This year, SunsetSparkle will rule them all, because this ship is just so damn awesome ! :yay:

I'm not really into this shipping myself. But heck that was kewl.

that was awesome to read! As Nero Shiro said: Short but sweet.

5397130 yeah someone suggested i added in the some reaction from everyone except rarity so i did :twilightsmile:

I'm afraid I don't get your joke. We receive Vitamin D from sunlight.

5397263 someone's not in the Christmas spirit. :trixieshiftright:

and later on by the fire Sunset and Twilight will be cuddled up under a blanket. this was such an adorable short tale. loved it. thanks NYB

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