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Sunset Shimmer had no idea why everyone was taking to this new girl so quickly. What does she have that she doesn't? Besides friends? And an endearing personality? And a cute butt.

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Smart, Sexy, Twilight!

Fixed that title for you. :raritywink:

That was pretty fun to read! Awesome job!

This was good. Totally in character of Sunset Shimmer. And for all of us Sunlight shippers, this is now officially the starting point of their affair!

Say what you want about the first movie, but it gave us the best Villain next to Tirek.

By the way, I got an idea for a fic that I think is quite good, but I think you're able to excute it better than me. Want to see it? Consider it a late Christmas gift from one of your stalk...fans.

This just made me think, if both Twilight and Sunset dated Flash and then would date each other it would be jsut like what happens in Legend of Korra. I think that's hilarious!

5446085 haha oh my god! You're right! :rainbowlaugh:

It made her sick. All the work she put into dividing up every group of friends, every clique, every so called 'friendship' at CHS gone. Down the toilet. It was all for not.

It was all for naught. Wrong naught.

(She made a mental note to find out why she liked being so rough with people and shoving them against walls later,)

why indeed.

Another great addition to my favorite ship (at least currently it is, but I don't see it being replaced anytime soon). This was a funny and really well done fic. It even actually fits in perfectly with the scene in the first EQG movie. It seems Sunset has some things she really needs to work out with Twilight in a very sexy way. I also agree with this begin a very likely starting point for their ship now. :pinkiehappy:

Very good read i relay enjoyed it.
It just natural that Sunset would want to push her lovers to a wall, no need to look in to that, its all natural Sunset.

Ha! Poor Sunset, one more victim of Twilight's adorkable legacy.
This reminds me a little of another story about someone having stray thoughts in the middle of a musical number in the cafeteria. :pinkiesmile:

Majin Syeekoh

5446596 I approve of this comment.

The title

It reminds me of a famous Simpsons line

Was this your intention?

Comment posted by GoneGuy deleted Jan 3rd, 2015

5448063 Y'know, I'm not sure I would've read it if I didn't like the shipping either, and that would have been a shame. Even with enjoying the shipping, realizing I would have missed out on this if I just skipped it because I hadn't, makes me wonder if I need to be more open-minded and look at stories even if I'm not keen on their ships. That was a confusingly-structured sentence but I stand by every jumbled repetitive part of it. A story for a ship I like made me consider reading stories for ships I don't, just in case they're this good. That doesn't even almost make sense, but it happened.

Comment posted by GoneGuy deleted Jan 2nd, 2015

The ending made me chuckle xD

I really don't understand this sort of vehemence against shipping… I mean, if you don't like romance, then fine, but it's just a story and each story should be taken on its own merits. From the sound of it, you object to it as a matter of course, in which case I just have to ask, why? Action, romance, mystery, comedy, horror—stories can touch many different themes and genres as they require, why is one unacceptable for authors to use, in your opinion? :rainbowhuh:

"I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack" reference

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It's not unacceptable, I just don't like it.


Sex and Gore DO NOT BELONG in a show about colorful equines and friendship.

Essentially, the whole point of this ramble is if it's too far out of canon I disapprove.

These are two very different things, but in any case, thank you for explaining your stance to me. Seems like there must be an awful lot that you hate, then, if you reject anything that doesn't fit the mood of the show. Ah well, to each his or her own, I guess.

Should be "Stupid, Sexy Twilight". There's only one comma.

One other thing thing—

99% of the time, the ship makes no sense. Let's take Applecord as an example. HOW IN THE HAY are these two anything alike? Applejack doesn't even really like reformed Discord!

This is called crackshipping. It's its own form of comedy and most certainly does not represent "99%" of shipping. It's much less of a stretch to, to use your example, ship Lyra and Bon Bon.

Regardless of whether it's Applejack and Discord or Lyra and Bon Bon, though, I think you miss the point. A shipping story isn't about saying "Bam, they're together." It's a story. It takes place over time and contains its own series of events for characters to experience and grow through. Romance, whether it's fanfiction or not, can be written starting with characters who don't even know each other, characters who initially hate each other, or even characters who are—yes—just friends. The characters go through trials and tribulations, drama and introspection to get to what you look at and reject out of hand as "silly".

I'm not saying you should like it, but you do seem to have a rather skewed vision of the genre, given your comment on the believably of it.

This was fun to read. I will most definitely be reading more stories by you.

I demand a sequel where Sunset acts on her fantasies...

5449857 oh hoho! Maybe for valentine's day. :twilightsmile:

Is this

Or trap her in the girl’s locker room after everyone had left gym class and push her against a secluded shower wall, doing whatever she wanted to her while savoring the squeaks and moans the younger girl would let out.

a reference to this?

But Sunset was totally sure she could do a way better job hitting that note than she could.


you know, cuz they have the same voice actress (at least for singing)

So is the title for this just a Soundspeed quote from he's blind commentary with Coboltsky?

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If vanilla lesbian porn sickens you, you haven't been on the internet very long.

If you want sympathy because, "oh bloo hoo hoo, I had to read a shipfic," you will get none here. This was a fine shipfic. Better than most. Nobody forced you to read it at dildopoint.

If you're one of those types that downvotes all erotica reflexively, well, you need to unlock the chastity belt and pull your head out of your ass.

With the title being what it is, I must wonder how you looked at this and thought it was neither a shipfic nor a porno, though.

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Holy Deleted Comments, Batman!

This had to be done....

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