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Sonata has a bad nightmare and asks Aria if she can bunk with her since Adagio is no where to be found. Aria of course refuses, but gives in, leaving them in a very interesting position when Adagio comes back.
Featured 1/7/15 Yaaaaay! Now with a reading by Wubcake! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3bVXWO7L20

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nice little one-shot.

Loved it! You aimed high and shot even higher.

Who would you ship Adagio with?

5469238 a lot of people seem to like her with Sunset. So probably her. :twilightsmile:

5469245 Yeah Sunset's my first choice, my second would probably be Trixie.

Hmm. Can't think of much to say about this fic, aside from that it was really cute and I liked it. Part of me sorta wants to see this continued, but I think this is good the way it is. It does the job, and does it pretty well. Continuing this would change the kind of story it is, and I like this kind of story. I enjoyed reading it quite a bit. Nice work.

Needs a sequel for when they wake up in the morning

Oh, darn! I had something along the lines of this going through my head, and you beat me to it! :fluttershbad:

Really cute story, though. Definite favorite. :pinkiesmile:

I'd personally like to see this expanded upon. You have an interesting set-up here.

This was a nice little story. Well done

This... is adorable. Really, truly, adorable. :rainbowkiss: Some light shipping fuel and hints at a possible romance. Sometimes that's all a girl needs in a story. :twilightsmile::heart:

I have to admit, normally I would give someone flak for grammatical mistakes. That being said, I can overlook them because of how cute and adorable this fic was. The pacing was a bit fast for me, and some of the transitions felt rushed, but all-in-all it was a great story none-the-less :twilightsmile:

5469245 Very lovely here. And 'yes' on Adagio and Sunset. ;)


Stop making me ship ships I don't ship!

No! Get outta mah head! I. Must. Not. Ship!!

"Go back to sleep, Sonata."

Masterful inclusion! I smiled.

I'd say you did fine with the Dazzlings. None of them came across as evil, but as they only deal with eachother in the story and their negative energy intake was drastically cut down, some measure of closeness seems like a realistic outcome if they stuck together. :twilightsmile:

"Do you even know what a liability is?" Aria asked, raising a brow.

"It's something that holds you back, right?"

"Well, now we know you're at least smarter than we thought you were."

I always thought Sonata was smart but just like to joke around a lot for humor, anyways such a good read I can see how adagio will make this as painfully as funny as possible just to see how aria will react

I liked this story quite a bit, though it was a little short it was still so cute.:rainbowkiss:

Cute. Final line came off a bit cheesy, but hey she does look like cheddar. :p

Cute moments all around. Hope you build off this in future stories with them.


I think you mean wrung
:twilightsheepish: sorry, can't help myself in correcting

Man, how can you do something so cute like this?!
Sonaria is so cute and then you do this... Your beautiful bastard! :flutterrage: :raritystarry:

5471419 that demi lovato gif :rainbowlaugh:

5471446 I had a heart attack when I read this. You're reading a message from the deads.

Oh, good! I didn't want to be overbearing.

5471494 no no! I like when people correct me, because it makes tthe story a better read for everyone else. And all i really wanna do is make sure that people have a good time reading my stuff. So fear not, you're perfectly fine, friend. :twilightsmile:

Oh good! And I didn't realize I am your friend! :pinkiehappy: YAY!

This was really cute, I hope you do more of these in the future :twilightsmile:

Where does Dagi go? hmmmmmm...:trixieshiftright:

Much d'aww. :heart:

That was pleasantly sweet. :pinkiesmile:

I started shipping Aria and Sonata

You and me both.

Great fic :pinkiehappy:

Aww, very nice! A few typos/missing words here or there.

I love this ship :twilightsheepish:

This was fun distraction.

Very solid first try! Nothing in particular jumps out at me as bad. I wouldn't call it great, but definitely good :moustache:

The only things I'm seeing are things like:

Aria sighed again. "Fine, get your butt up here before I change my mind." She said defiantly, but couldn't help but smile.

Which could be:

Aria sighed again. "Fine, get your butt up here before I change my mind," she said defiantly, but couldn't help but smile.

The story accomplishes its goals competently, so many a mustache to you good sir/and or/madam! :moustache:


The adorableness is off the fucking charts!!!!!

That was pretty fucking adorable. I smiled :)

Aria does have some part of a soft side, just not as great.
Sequel? :P


Cute, fun, good, loved it :heart:
If you make a sequel for this im totally reading it :raritywink:

This tugged at my heartstrings. It was really cute, and it made me smile. :heart:

Oh my fraust that's adorable :rainbowkiss: :heart:X10000

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