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1399724 This is also what happens right after that

He was still thinking about the past when suddenly a hoof tapped his shoulder and he turned his head towards the final member of his squad Norman or as everyone calls him Normal Norman which pretty much said everything about him he was just normal as in there really was no other way to describe him besides the "The dude with the beanie" even his role in the guard was normal as just a guard not a flyer, hacker or even watchman...........just a guard.

"Yo Shining were there you better hurry and talk with your sister before the internet gets cut off for the night."

Shining thanked Norman and went to the comms room

And then there is some other stuff after that but this is just what happens right after.

1398652 And by the way they are not heading to Canterlot they are heading back to their base in Namib

But no worries i can change Canterlot to their base and Princess Celestia to General Sharp (a very minor character that dies in the chapter)

After this Shining talks to Candence on a webcam before the internet is cut due to the arrival of a certain Helicopter and the attack that happens.

I am still writing that scene unfortunately as school and moving has taken my time so I'm just getting back to writing.

1398652 Wow i love it man

You really are going to be a great help

together we can make stories as good as JD's.

I can PM you the Autobot and Decepticon cast for this story (similar to the 1st movie but with a few more extra characters but besides that it is the same as the first movie's cast)

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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