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Please read Transformers Fall of Equestria and Equestria's Darkest Hour by JDPrime22 first before reading this so the story can make sense

and thanks goes to my proffreaders (list will be updated as time goes on)

5 years after the transformers disappeared into the vortex Equestria has been in peace and harmony although all of the ponies miss Optimus Prime and his bots they are glad they would never be disturbed by the transformers war ever again.

or so they thought
it has not been as great for the autobots although they finally destroyed Megatron, Shockwave among other high ranking decepticons at the battle for autobot city (aka Metroplek who they managed to move to earth) the cost was to high

Optimus is dead among the hundreds of autobots including Ironhide, Ratchet, Wheeljack who died in that very battle
there has also been a new decepticon leader that had risen up and caused more chaos for the bots

his name is Galvatron

although there is hope there has been two new primes selected by the matrix of leadership
Sentinel Prime the wise brother of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus (used to be Sentinel Minor)
and Rodimus Prime who used to be the the hot shot autobot Hot Rod
both Primes carry one half of the matrix
the autobots have now picked up a mysterious Decepticon message from a strange being who calls himself Nemesis who tells them that he has found Equestria and has moved out to destroy the planet the bots promised and hoped to never return.
naturally the autobots wont allow this and Rodimus takes a brave squad of autobots with Ultra Magnus and Jazz as his second in commands he sets forth to help while Sentinel waits and prepares a squad in case the rescuers need the rescuing.

although Galvatron the manic he is has been monitoring the Autobots communications filled with hate and obsession for killing the autobots orders his cons to follow the autobots and destroy them and the equines once and for all.

Transformers and My Little Pony are owned by Hasbro i take no credit for anything but the story and even then i give credit to JDPrime22 for without him this story would not be.

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