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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.



The war between the Avengers is over. Neither side has won. The team is scattered. All Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and the others can do now is try to adjust to this new status quo.
Until now.
Pursuit of mysterious thieves leads the Avengers to a new planet, populated by...colorful talking ponies. Oddly enough, these ponies may actually know something about conflict resolution and personal problems. The Avengers had better listen, because only together can they stop a sinister force that plans to bring both Equis and Earth to their knees.

Cover art courtesy of ameliacostanza.

Chapters (27)
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Hey that's pretty good! Also, when Steve Rogers abandons his Captain America persona, he dons the name "Nomad"

7673415 True, but he also did the persona of "The Captain" later on, when John Walker became Captain America.

I'm really excited about this. i love both FiM and The Avengers, I can't wait to see where this goes!

i like it the histories that include the avengers

Hoo, Hoo! Getting schwifty about this fic! Finally another Avengers fanfic.

Excellent chapter. Poor Luna though she's going to be furious if she learns the truth behind Loki's death.

I wonder how Thor will react when he find's out Discord is free and reformed. Chances are they have a unpleasant history together.

I love this story already. This chapter was really good. I can't wait for the next one!

Oh my gosh! Nobody would suspect that a story with so few likes Is so good :pinkiehappy:

Yup. Twilight and her friends are around 21-23 years old. I realised that when I saw Fluttershy's parents.

7673511 ...In what movie did that happen?
7673415 ...In what movie did that happen?

7949341 Both of those were in the comics, not the movies.

I have to ask: why does Grogar have a master? Grogar WAS the master! Unless the master is a marvel villian(from how you've been writing the snippits of the 'master', it's not Loki) no one in equstrias history was more dangerous than Grogar. Well, at least this story is turning interesting. Keep up the good work.

7950077 Well, this is a different Grogar than the G1 version, so I just made him a different character. Not as powerful (though, who says that won't change?). The master isn't a Marvel villain, but you might be able to guess who it is. Thanks for the fave.

The two were cut off by a Tony's phone, blaring ACDC's Back in Black (Tony's favorite song). The billionaire picked up the device, only to see that the caller I.D. read "Spider Kid."
"Who's on the, er, phone?" asked Twilight.
"Nobody important," muttered Tony, and he cut off the call.

Yeah, he's right. Just a potential love interest. :twilightblush:

Also, it's a MIRACLE that Bruce/Hulk in this story isn't ruining the immersion. I say this because it's now practically an incontrovertible fact that he ISN'T on Earth by the time Thor Ragnarok rolls in, and I can say that confidently without having seen the movie first. Buuut... Civil War might be a different story, so it's somewhat believable.

8070358 Well, this takes place a long time before Ragnarok, and we don't know how long he stays up there. Besides, I'm not currently planning to make this a series that goes through to Infinity War, so I'm taking some liberties with the canon.

Will Tony Stark and Steve Rogers be the only Marvel characters in this story?

Um, did you read the chapter?

Black Widow (Romanoff)
Scarlett Witch (Wanda)
Black Panther (T’Challa)
Winter Soldier (Bucky)

I love the new image. Though didn't Cap shed his Avengers logos?

I haven't read the story yet. It sounds good though!

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

This should be fun...

Also, great update!

"Nobody important," muttered Tony, and he cut off the call.


"Cassie watches the fight from the airport all the time," protested Scott, "You know what she says? Daddy's an Avenger. I need to do this."

Who was recording?

Duuude, come ON! Where's Spidey??

If the human visitors were afraid, they weren't showing it. Steve, Tony, Thor, and the others shifted from on guard to aggressive battle stances, readying themselves for the attacking monsters. Wanda was the first to respond, shielding the group with a dome of red energy. The shadow ponies slammed into the barrier, bouncing off and landing on their rears. Staring at the cool and collected Avengers, Twilight felt herself relax. These truly were heroes.



Black Panther stood in opposition to the necromancer, popping his claws from their hiding places. Rarity and Black Window dashed up next to him, standing in battle positions.

Better get some Windex.

Comment posted by RedX-100 deleted Jul 2nd, 2017

Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Thorax, and Shining Armor climbed to their feet.

Since when did they turn human?

Ask the guy who directed Spider-Man Homecoming. You see Peter watching it in the trailers.

Spidey's on his way. Next chapter, in fact.

Peter hung up the phone. Now for the hard part of his "brilliant" plan. He leaped off the brick wall, firing a web line and yanking on it, launching himself over the building in front of him. At least he had time to relax on the way there.





Wow, didn't expect this to be so soon.

And so it continues! BTW, there's a couple of spots that could use some editing. I might know someone who could help with that... *fakecough* :trollestia:

If you're interested, I'd be cool with that.
What do you think needs editing?

Bruce Banner casually washed his hands in the crystal sink, noticing how the water seemed to sparkled on the surface. The crystal was highly unusual, almost luminous in nature, and Bruce couldn't see dents formed by any tools.

Double past tense, and change the underlined sentence to "couldn't see any dents on the surface suggesting the use of tools." There's a few more errors scattered throughout, but otherwise pretty clean.

Not bad for a guy who failed English, huh?

"Uh, is this a bad time?" asked Spider-Man, "I can come back later."

No, your timing is perfect.

Flawless timing as always Peter.

"But how can you link up and electro-mechanical suit to a magical table formed by a magic tree of crystal?"

I didn't know "electro-mechanical suit" was a verb.


And it all comes out now. Is there any hope for Equestria now that Sombra and his forces have taken out The Princesses and The Avengers?

You know...I came across this beautiful story from seeing the Trailer of Infinity Wars and I got to say that I’m loving every bit of this story. The Avengers might be on the losing side but I know that those 3 Avengers that got left behind will make the biggest difference for the outcome. I’m literally shaking with excitement.

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