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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble

A world of heroes would ideally be a good thing for Equestria, but with the heroes came the villains, and after so many villain showdowns and multi-dimensional troubles from other worlds outside Marvel and Equestria, order needed to be restored to maintain the harmony Princess Celestia worked for many years to achieve. With the help of Tony Stark, the two design a method in which the hero work would be properly moderated and harmony can be maintained.

But over time ideologies began to clash as Steve Rogers began to doubt the Accords laid out by Tony and in time would stage a rebellion to fix Equestria of it's newest grasp. Friendships will be tested, allies will become enemies as a battle breaks out between two groups, those who are aligned with The Accords, and those against it. This is war.

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Wait are there casualties

Did anyone die?

Huh I think I'm the only one who reviewed

Off to a rather explosive start, can't wait for more.

Felicity Hardy as in the scarlet spider of mc2?

She's in but not Reilly Tyne or Gerry Drew?

I'm not suprised it didn't work out I never did see black cat have a future with the guy

I wonder if Felicity could attract attention from poundcake and Franklin?

I'm gonna miss thors antics

This looks good.
If Twilight is against the Accords, will Cadance support them? Will the two have a clash?

Comment posted by spiders123 deleted January 19th

To the person who disliked my comment

Do you have a better idea on bachelors cause I don't hear you suggesting anything

Their frendship is soon to be tested...

Hmm... I was right about martin li

But wait, I head in the spider ps4 that osborn got lis parent killed

That could be upsetting

I forgot martin li can easily turn people into his demon army and there are no heroes in Manhattan notice

Hey since it seen like they'll both be around more often could Falcon and Spitfire work as a couple?:rainbowhuh:

Eh sorry, I don't think I'll be making that happen. :unsuresweetie: I have reasons but they'll be explained in story.

Martin strolled down the streets, a sinister smile on his face, "So, more from my world have come, this could be an interesting turn of events." The disguised villain continued making his way down the streets, hoping to make use of this situation.

Do I detect the makings of a combined evil scheme between Cozy Glow and Martin?

I wonder if the upcoming brawl will take place in Equestria.

Hmm…I don’t feel good about pushing Mayday to Franklin like this

This is why I focus on topics like Gallus and the students

Bro update this is so good!

I wonder when the two sides start being made.

Bucky killed Logan’s Japanese wife

And in the film Tony’s parents

I wonder how this would go

Does sandbar have a crush on jubilee?

Oh will there be gang wars?

I know Hank Pym is a changed man

I hope his inhumans and Nadia can protect him from spike?

I know cozy glow is planning something

Can’t be trusted

Alright Hank Pym is here, I presume instead of being Ant-man, he’s now Yellowjacket.

I mean we already know Cozy Glow’s true colors from the beginning.

You better not lose to these posers Sandbar

It bugs me that cozy is standing too close to them

I have a bad feeling about this Accords...

I'm alittle concerned on how things will change when the civil war will happen...

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I can’t believe they lost


I feel like Charlie Brown after he lost that spelling bee

I hope that sandbar and his team can be recognized by the people and could outtrick the wizard?

As a shot for redemption?

I know you let them win cozy, karma will bite you so bad you won’t see it coming


She played divide and conquer by poisoning Gallus and then took a dive at the final match playing a wolf in sheep’s clothing

She will pay once she gets exposed

Rumble is definitely following in Tony's hoof prints: arrogant, contrary & petty, Stubborn, vain, Cocky & overconfident.

I prefer Sandbar and his friends like Captain America does.

Gallus really blamed Cozy for this?

You should know cozy took a dive at the last part of the match it was rigged from the start

Come on team Sandbar

Even after all that, Don’t let those brats get to you!

Even if stark, Laura, and all those people don’t believe in you, I do believe in your group
I have faith in you

Come on don’t let this match mess with you up, there jerks and jerks get what’s coming to them

So Rise up


We need you now more than ever to save everyone from the wizards trap!

really? it was rigged from the start?

Well one, the other team was too aggressive

Two, when they get another chance to win, one coincidentally gets poisoned

Three smolder and ocellus were suprised when cozy didn’t catch it when she obviously could have, she took a dive on purpose. She let them win

Probably to both spite the heroes of the team and maybe control rumbles team to reach power, which means she must have thought that the elements were to be chosen at this game too

Sigh of course Laura is feeding the flames

This is why I prefer Jimmy Hudson

Sigh so I guess Sandbars team has a new nemesis now,

The negative six I guess, or 5 since Applebloom was smart

"Law says he does," Tony said. "Nightcrawler, Jubilee, Logan, Deadpool, Laura and Lighting Dust, that goes for the six of you as well."

"Some violations with The Accords, gotta set some things straight," Tony said.

"Still, don't do something like that again, I'll let you off for now but if you mess up again, I am going to have to crack down on you," Tony said.

THere's following the law... and there's just not wanting to do the right thing just because you want to prove that your way is better, especially if it it goes against what being a hero means... without that then you might as well be having an "official job" like Jameson wants the heroes to be, much like in "My Hero Academia".
But really... Laura what are you doing? this isn't like you...

Im worried about what this will lead to...

Feels too soon to talk about shipping

Also It’s a waste in Sugarbelle she’s so cute

Oh I should know that stealth mission was a bad idea!

And worse it was authorized by the accords

Black cat better not mention this to anyone

This was a really great chapter. so forgive my input for some of the parts of the chapter.

"Tony wouldn't do that," Steve reassured, though part of his began to wonder. " Would he? "

I'd think he would do that ....

"Rules are rules," Tony said, activating his suit again. "Remember, I'm trying to be the nice guy here, so I want to give you another chance, but that's all I can give you. This isn't New York, things are different now.”

Rule are rules my flank... he's going out of control with this. Daredevil's right they need Dash and Torch out there finding Negative.

Pulling away the boy continuously stroked her mane, "I want to make you happy, what do you say?"
Apple Bloom thought a second, then made a choice that would be quite impactful on her, "Let's do it."

This feels so wrong...

Storm King should've known better than to make fun of Sephiroth's mother.

Yeah Tony's gonna flip when hears about Las Pegasus... He'll probably ground Peter from "Hero work" and have Black Cat arrested.

I just hope Gallus could punch him in the face for hurting his friends

What rumble did to her is horrible

Literally no one in this story has done that

I don’t get it

That idiot rumble made a fool of himself at the buckball game

Whining in front of the princess the highest authority

Spitfire even kicked out an angry guy of the washouts once so why does she still want that guy?!


Pulling away the boy continuously stroked her mane, "I want to make you happy, what do you say?"
Apple Bloom thought a second, then made a choice that would be quite impactful on her, "Let's do it."

Me: *stampedes over with a huge dustcloud behind me as I yell slugging Rumble in the face as he was about to do something with Applebloom that's so wrong on so many levels* LEAVE HER ALONE YOU DAMN PERVERT!!!

I just wished Spitfire saw silverstreams potential instead

I mean just look at this!




She’s already be wayyyyy cooler than rumble

You can say that again 😍

Well then maybe you could tell the author about this

Because if rumble becomes a wonderbolt he could abuse his power and make life harder for the student six, so hopefully silverstream could prevent this

Seriously how does spitfire not see his flaws at that buckball game, he whined at the highest authority, and spitfire literally rejected a guy with anger issues who’s in the washouts

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